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The Benefits Of Organite?? Is It Good For Christians Or Non Christians?? Or Everyone

Alexpro, Nov 13, 2017 |
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    The concept of Orgonite is not new –in fact Orgone energy –a hypothetical universal life force- was proposed by Wilhelm Reich in the 1930s. Reich found that by mixing organic materials and metals in certain specific ratios, negative energy could be transformed into vibrant, healthy energy. Reich found that when non-organic (metal) and organic material (wood or cotton) are combined together in layers, it could attract positive energy, and that’s the principle on which today’s Orgonite works. Water, which is symbolic of cleansing and vital energy is invariably added to Orgonite matrix and this water helps keep the frequencies clear. Orgonite, primarily made from metal chips, quartz crystal and polyester resin (fiberglass resin) it has a healing effect and has been and continues to be used to protect people against the ill effects of negative energy. The combination of inorganic resin with different types of metal or minerals produces a kind of magnetic effect, which harnesses the energy. The organic substances attract and retain the Orgone charge while the metal chips repel it. This pushing and pulling in all directions causes a sort of a friction on the energy and harmful bio-energy is transformed into a healthy one. While Orgonite has many benefits, its real power lies in what is known as ‘eliminating energy blockages.’ In a healthy person, the flow of energy is uniform throughout the body but if for some reason, the body suffers a trauma of any kind, this flow is impeded. Orgonite can prevent this from happening and ensure that the body and mind always remain in a state of good health. Clean energy flowing through the body helps keep the mind and body healthy and clear—this augurs spiritual growth. Orgonite also improves relationships in homes and workplace giving rise to a sense of harmony and peace all around. It also protects people against the ill effects of electromagnetic radiation emanating from the electrical gadgets around the house. Plants have been known to grow better with Orgonite around them. It also purifies the atmosphere and provides an environment that is conducive to their growing. Orgonite also cures chronic insomnia as the energy it emits promotes good sleep. Depending upon the crystal used in orgonite, additional benefits accrue. For instance if turquoise is used, it will promote creativity and healing while a lapis lazuli is used it will enhance spirituality and intuition. Orgonite comes in many forms –cylinders, spheres and are even transformed into personal pieces that are suitable to carry around in your pocket while traveling. For the very sensitive people, Orgonite comes sealed in quartz crystal. When Orgonite devices are placed in schools or meditation rooms, they create a better learning environment and help achieve a more balanced peaceful state. Many have benefited by going the Orgonite way–so make sure you purchase some Orgonite.