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Ragamuffin Tones

Ragamuffin7, May 24, 2008 | |
  1. Blog Description

    So . . . "in Him [Christ] we live, and move [as we muse], and have our being" - Acts 17:28. This is what I strive to write about.

    "Ragamuffin Tones", because I have been blessed to come upon the "ragamuffin" emphasis of Christian singer/songwriter Rich Mullins and the writings/speeches of the author of "The Ragamuffin Gospel", Brennan Manning. Both of these ragamuffins are now enjoying fellowship with Messiah Jesus.

    Please feel free to join in at any time--even to use anything I write; you do not need to ask for permission . . . although I sure would be blessed by feedback on your use of what I share.

    "Be God's" ~ Rich Mullins