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Not Quite Sure What To Title This

JI4M, Jan 7, 2019 |
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    God, I am feeling the sheer anger of what happened to us on Friday. I am sorry that I cannot let it go. I question, should I let it go? Should I not seek justice through the proper channels? Am I wrong for feeling this way? I know what was done to us was beyond wrong, but why am I feeling guilty for my anger like I was the one in the wrong? This feelings of mass confusion on top of my fear is really doing me in mentally. I can't stop worrying enough to do much of anything, including pray. This has consumed my mind. We have a lot at stake here, most of all, our heatlh and I don't know what to do. I am confessing to you Oh Lord that I am not placing faith into you. I am sorry that I sit here worried and anxious and do nothing about it like a Christain is suppose to do. I am holding my breathe waiting for the next blow to occur. It shouldn't be this way right now. Right now I should have the upmost faith you, praying hard and being devoted........but I can't muster up any of it.....because I'm so scared of what's going to happen but that's when I am suppose to trust and lean on you the most, I realize that.....but something is blocking it very strongly. My anxiety, fear, worry has taken over and in a complete strong hold in anticipation of what's going to happen today. Please God help me and forgive me.