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My Christian Testimony.

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    I used to subscribe to a pagan idea called panentheism. I don't anymore. I have had some things in my life like mental illness, and I used to hate Jesus. I started seeking God when I was 11. I just did not know it. I wanted Someone special who would always be with me no matter what. I was ready to die to abe close to this Person. When I was 12, I decided to enjoy the Bible much to my atheist father's chagrin. I was nice about it, I just said the Bible "is a good Book to read". When I was 13, my father raped me. I thought I was dead, and hated Jesus for allowing it, but the Bible and He was and are more than I am willing to resist. When I was 14, I forsake panentheism for monotheism. I also started to accept the fact that Jesus is God in human flesh. I fought Him so hard for control of my life, but He kept pursuing me. That fateful day of September 16, 1996, I was still trying to fight Jesus. I asked Him why I should have Him as my Lord and Savior, and He clearly said "without Me, you are in danger of Hell". He told me to repent and be saved. I went and locked myself in the bathroom for privacy. I prayed "Dear Father God, I am sorry for being a sinner. Thank You for sending Jesus to die on the cross for my sins. I want Jesus to be my God, Lord, and Savior, amen." and I was healed of my desire to kill myself. I was and am so in love with Jesus, I regret my life of sin. That was the first time I have ever felt safe. I went and told my Mother "Ma, I'm not going to Hell, I found Jesus. I love Jesus so much. He is so faithful. Nothing can seperte you from Jesus unless you refuse Him. We are all one heartbeat away from death. Are you ready to meet Jesus. Salvation is not something to play with. It is a free gift we all need. I encourage you to receive Jesus today.