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Light And Dark

Grip Docility, Jun 20, 2019 | |
  1. Blog Description

    I’ll express this through Mass Exigesis of Cannon.

    In the beginning the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the deep. In this initial vision... we see a dichotomy.

    Light - Life
    Darkness - Absence Of Life

    God Created! The next Dichotomy...

    Creator - All things were made through Him
    Creation - Romans 1 to Romans 2 uses this verbiage towards this dichotomy

    John ques off of this Dichotomy.

    The surface of the Deep is simultaneously allegorical, because we see the source of everything and all Life, preparing to impart Life.

    As the Eternal, Uncreated Son was born of the Virgin Mary, He was imparted... Born into Creation.

    “Let there be Light”... and that Light first mentioned isn’t the Sun! That Eternal Light is imparted as the first life within all of Creation... The Infinite, Eternal, Uncreated Son is the Light of the world!

    Let’s go towards Adam...

    The dust of the earth, with The Son Of God positioned over it is another Dichotomy...

    The Son - Source Of all Life
    The Dust - Absent Of Life

    We see Jesus reveal Who He is in reference to what is about to be seen in Genesis here (John 9:6)

    The Son shapes Adam from the DEAD dust of the earth.


    The Son - Life
    Adam - Dead

    The Son Breaths the Pneuma into Adam

    Creator + Creation = Living Soul

    Now, let’s fast forward to John...

    John uses the Creation verbiage over and over!

    The Darkness did not want to come to the Light, because it LOVED it’s darkness. In the Light, the Darkness is dispelled and the deeds of darkness are REVEALED.

    Jesus is the LIGHT
    Mankind is the Darkness

    Now, let’s review a theological fact that John plus the Synoptic Gospels, Reveal...

    Jesus meshed with Sinners and welcomed Sinners.

    Jesus was angered by the self professed, sinlessly perfect, Religious Leaders.

    Sinners know they are Darkness with Dark Deeds

    Religious, Sinlessly Perfect, Leaders, professed to be a form of Light!

    Now... Let’s point out another Scriptural Dichotomy.

    There is the Morning Star and the BRIGHT Morning Star.

    The transliteration “Lucifer” comes from the words “Light Bearer”. This refers to a Star or Planet. In particular, it binds to a navigational Star or planet used by Sailors. This binds to the Angel Of Light phrases, scripture turns.

    Jesus is the True NORTH... so to speak. Jesus is the Navigational Aid that is TRUE!

    In these two mentioned lights... one is FALSE light that will run a ship aground!

    Jesus is the Bright Morning Star, because He is THEE Light and will navigate a ship to Safety.

    When Sinless perfection is professed, within this dust of death... (Captive to the False Morning Star)... the Darkness is professing to be light. This is the exact meaning of these verses.... (Matthew 6:22-24). Disagree? Hebrews 2:14 ... Ephesians 2:2 ... Death is at work in your very members even now! We are currently born... hurtling towards DEATH in these bodies! It is an undeniable fact! Unless Jesus comes and glorifies us... we will physically die!

    Professing Carnal Perfection is not walking in the Spirit, but by ALL scripture, Being Darkness!

    Of all Heresies... beneath Denial Of the Divinity Of Jesus Christ... it is the most destructive... because it is the Leavening and foundation of ALL condemnation scripture!

    It’s actually better to be an Atheist than to profess Sinless Perfection, because the Atheist doesn’t know The Blessed Hope! The Believer that Knows the Blessed Hope, and is illuminated by the Light... then goes forward to declare themselves without blemish (Other than being Atoned for, Justified and Propitiated for)... is claiming Carnal Perfection... amidst the Illumination of the Light Of the (Romans 8:9).

    There is no mercy in this teaching as it boasts that it is better than the rest, and equal to God in literal Stature Of Righteousness. The idea taught is it’s either Perfection or Damnation! Well, it’s true! We have a choice! Perfection or Damnation! God’s Perfection or Our Damnation! He is Perfect Light! We are Darkness!

    We must admit we are mere clay vessels!

    This is the meaning of these verses... (2 Corinthians 4:7-9)

    I’ll add this last bit... in closing... To declare yourself Sinlessly Perfect in the Flesh, is to be utilizing the Law of Sin and Death as a reference and believe it or not... that Law is fornication and adultery for us to utilize on ourself and others, for any other purpose than to show and know our NEED for Jesus.

    I have been as plain as I can be.

    All Love in Jesus Christ to you.