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I Am Not Thee Shepherd

KnowThyself, Oct 7, 2019 |
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    I wrote this poem at 10:27pm on October 11th 2016.
    I'm a sheep merely in wolves clothing. But sometimes in life, it takes a lone wolf that is really sheep, to be able to defeat thee pack leader of a pack of wolves trying to kill a herd of sheep. I simply have to learn to chose my battles more carefully. After all....I don't mind thee bite and the wounding, I just want to be able to live to fight another day!
    Now thee only problem is, that if all of thee sheep in thee herd don't know I'm really a sheep in wolves clothing, while I'm fighting the real wolves, I will be considered a real wolf by many and treated as such.
    Sometimes, even a lonewolf could use some friends. Now, weather he trusts them or not, is a completely different story.(from this point on, I added today on 10-7-19. I also just came up with the title today also.) But how does, a sheep in wolves clothing make new friends? He can not with the sheep? and doesn't want to with the wolves. Thee answer? Simple, he must sacrifice, and stay alone forever.

    About Author

    I've always been "different" most of my life. I'm guessing that it's mainly because when I was around thee age of 6, I accidentally busted open my head, and got 16 stiches in it.