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He Is Was And Always Will Be God,the Father , The Son The Holy Spirit.

now faith, Dec 7, 2017 |
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    I would like to blog on my feelings About The Holy Spirit and why He is Called The Holy Spirit.

    I believe the reference is used because we first announce,
    (THE) Holy Spirit.
    The is somewhat of a announcement, proclamation, or determiner.
    The President is a title rather than a particular person, unless you are using the current President as the subject matter
    But most assuredly as God's Word has chosen to use this terminology their is a reason.
    We know The Holy Spirit is God ,the same as we know we are Spirit , Soul ,and flesh.
    It is common knowledge God is three yet one.
    As the Bible states about The Holy Spirit ,He will never speak of Himself, due to His mission for us on Earth.
    He is our comforter, He is our helper in times where we cannot convey our heart or understanding to God.
    He guides us in all truth.
    He is our inner Wittness ,and calls upon us to glorify God.
    He is the essence of God's being.
    In Him is the promise of Christ living in our being.
    Our walk in Christ calls for us to be filled with The Holy Spirit ,to be Baptised in Him being immersed in His Glory.
    What a mighty God we serve!
    He has placed His Angels around us as our hedge of protection, and Has placed His being in our Spirts to Help guide us away from destruction.
    God Bless