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    The lack of so many missing links does not support evolution. If all of creation evolved, there would be links between each evolutionary jump but we don’t have any that I’m aware of. If you look at the mathematical probability that humans evolved, the odds go beyond a fixed universe. Since nothing that we are aware of stays very long, there isn’t enough time for evolution to work. The larger suns than ours burn out faster so there is even less time for any planets that might be effected to evolve. The shear number of proteins that have billions of cells in their DNA chains and how everything works together makes evolution a hard pill to swallow. The fact that man doesn’t want the truth weighs heavily on why so many believe in evolution. Sometime around 1980 there was a survey of American biologists about their beliefs in evolution. As I recall, 80% did not believe in evolution. I honestly don’t believe that evolution would have taken root had its author known what we know today. When last I checked, there are still questions about a single living cell. There was a scientist of some renown about 15 years ago who said he would create life in 5-7 years. I don’t think he was successful.