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Blog Entry - Why Churches Are Not Growing And Physical Abuse.

  1. Why My Church is NOT Growing
    Part 8 – Abuse and The Church (Physical Abuse)

    It is hard to conceive that physical abuse could take place and/or be sanctioned by the church, but it in fact does and is a reality. A reality that must be explored and dealt with appropriately.

    Read more about this topic in my most recent blog entry.


    About Author

    It is about Jesus, it is all about Jesus, and it is time that ministers returned to that Truth and took the focus off of themselves.

    I will tell you this about this minister and writer...
    I love the Lord Jesus and have loved Him and had a personal relationship with Him since 1977. I have been filled with passion for Christ since the very first day our relationship began. I am simply a willing vessel that God can use.

    Come grow with us, the Lord Jesus and me.


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  1. FutureAndAHope
    I am interested to know where did you get the quote (below):

    In an outline for how to discipline your wife, it was stated that if a woman would not submit to her husband then a certain amount of physical discipline could be used. You could inflict pain but where not to bring about too much bruising, no lacerations, and you were not to break bones. This physical abuse would be increased in nature until the woman “repented” and submitted regardless of how long it took or how many sessions of discipline were necessary to bring about the woman’s change of attitude.

    This is really not inline with any Christian teaching, and it is certainly not in the bible. The bible actually teaches to "love our wives and not be harsh with them", and to "honor the wife as a physically weaker vessel".

    Who ever wrote that quote, if in a church is an idiot, and would not be supported by any church I know of.
    1. Reborn1977
      Yes, of course, this type of behavior and abuse is not in line with biblical teaching and out of line with God's Will. I was certainly not condoning such behavior, as a full reading of the blog entry makes clear. Such behavior is ridiculous but does take place in some fundamentalist religious sects.
    2. Reborn1977
      It is not my intent to name names when addressing things within the Body of Christ that do not honor Christ but I do have a calling to draw attention to them and sound the alarm that they are not something that God desire to take place. Therefore, I am not going to state my source for this information but I can tell you that I myself read the guidelines that men had been given and they were inclusive of all the things I wrote about.
    3. Reborn1977
      I do not, however, quote the guidelines word for word - a writer does not do that without permission and I am a professional published author along with writing my free blogs.

      Thank you for your support in the fact that such behavior is ridiculous and that no truly godly man would follow such guidelines.