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Bewitched By "bewitched"

  1. I'm quite the fan of early television, particularly "I Love Lucy". (Don't ask me why, I'm not even sure)
    Recently my mom brought me season one and two of "Bewitched" which I admittingly binged watched on my day off. In my defense, I do have a cold. (I can't seem to stay healthy this year).
    If you're not familiar with the show (YouTube my friends) it's basically about the life of a suburban house wife named Samantha who isn't so ordinary. She is a witch. She possesses quite the array of powers. She can materialize anything at all, vanish into thin air, pop up out of nowhere, make objects levitate, bring her imagination to life ( in one episode she literally brought characters from her imagination to life), and * in cheesy announcer voice * much much more! In season one Samantha even went back in time in a particular episode. She can also turn people into animals and vise versa. And evidently spells such as these can only be reversed by the which or warlock who cast them.
    So, you may be wondering why I'm blogging about this, after all, it's just a tv show. Well, I couldn't help thinking about what I would do if I had powers like Samantha's, and from there, what if everyone did?
    See, Samantha can materialize Anything. She uses this ability frequently to produce meals for her husband. What about all the poor, less fortunate Samantha? Gosh. lol.
    I know that no single person can be a hero to the whole world but they can sure make a difference. I would Love to be able to miraculously materialize food and help those in need. I can wiggle my nose. (As Sam does to perform most of her magic). No one around me would go hungry.
    However, if I was the only one with this ability I realize there would be those who would take advantage. People who didn't need the help getting food but would rather not cook or spend the money or what have you would come ask me materialize meals for them.
    And oh, if it were not food I could materialize but Anything? My first thoughts are, oh how I would love to magically make houses appear for homeless. And clothes and blankets. But....as Endora ( Samantha's mother ) so accurately stated it one episode, " The greatest human disease is greed ".
    People everywhere would want me, or anyone with these powers , to materialize anything for them . Mansions. Cars. Televisions ...Anything and everything. It wouldn't stop at helping someone get the things they need. Likely a person with these abilities would be captured and forced to do as others wished. People may even kill each other over it, trying to hoard all of the person/witches power to themselves.
    And what if Everyone had these abilities? Oh Gosh. So much greed. So much selfishness. Imagine if with people got in a fight with someone else they were able to turd the other person to d imagine if with people got in a fight with someone else they were able to turn the other person into an animal! And they would be the only one who could reverse the spell so nobody else could come along being Mr. nice guy and try to turn the person back into a human! And it's biblical not to repay evil with evil, because God is our vindicator. We have to trust in Him as such as He is a just God. So...getting upset with one another and 32 there a getting upset with one another and literally turning each into animals would def go against that. But... come on you know there would be people doing that.
    Also if everyone at Samantha's powers people would not have to walk anywhere or use any type of transportation because they could just magically pop wherever they want to go. And they could magically do any kind of work, as how Samantha uses her magic occasionally to do housework . I admit I would do that one, my apartment is awful. But with these powers no one would need to work . No mowing lawns. No chopping firewood. Cleaning houses. No jobs, no stores, no cars, or planes . There would be no need any world where everyone could magically appear anywhere they wanted to go , materialized anything they wanted or needed, magically change their environment ( for example, magically getting rid of messes, or changing their entire surroundings ) no one would need any skills. Oh...ugh... I would hate that. I love to make things... I love to bake... it would take the fun out of everything if we could automatically wiggle our nose and have everything done . No work. No effort. I believe this would lead to extreme laziness, gluttony and greed. No thanks.
    What would learn from living this way? Nothing. Oh it would be so horrible. How antisocial would everyone become? If you never need another human being for anything because you could get anything you wanted with a gesture of your hand or a wiggle of your nose. How often would we talk to one another if that was the case? I think we all probably have someone who doesn't contact us much unless they need something. That's not a good feeling. It makes us feel used. But part of the beauty of there being so many of us is that we are here to help one another. I know that very sadly it doesn't always work that way.
    No, I truly don't think I would like a world where everyone had powers like Samantha from "Bewitched".
    What would be the worst absolute worst and most horrifying part would be the separation from God that I believe it would cause. How many of us came to the cross because we hit rock bottom? What of A world where people had all these powers? Where people could even go back in time? Where they could affect people's thoughts and decisions? ( in one episode Samantha causes her mother in law to pull The emergency stop cord on a train. Afterwards the mother-in-law says she doesn't know why she did that). What if everyone - Everyone- had The power to affect another person's thoughts ? How horrifying.
    Some of Samantha's powers are quite tempting. Wouldn't we all from time to time just like to "magically" fix something in our lives? But... what would we be missing out on if we did that? We might miss learning something. We might miss The opportunity to build our character or to be strengthened. We might miss coming closer to God. And we would cheat ourselves in the long run because when fight for something, work for something, pray and hope for something and finally we see victory- the taste is so much sweeter- and greater the glory to God than if it had just been handed to us. If it all was just fixed with the wiggle of a nose.
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