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Believers Talk

  1. After reading Genesis 4, focusing on Genesis 4:2-7 and the latter part of Genesis 4:26, “...at that time men began to call on the name of the Lord”.

    Before men called
    on the Name of the Lord,
    they knew the Divine’s love
    by His respect in each choice.
    But it was not enough
    to wait for a nod,
    covenant begged
    believers’ talk
    to the Eternal Who
    made the heavens and earth,
    thus before tongues,
    talk was a sign
    that mercy could move lips
    to declare,
    “You are great, Oh God,
    “Your might never ceases
    “as the day is long,
    “and at night
    “we lie down,
    “happy that an altar
    “is found,
    “where the graced
    “in their hearts can bow
    “to the One Who ever Is,
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