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Because Now Is The Best Time To Serve God

  1. Working Together to Serve God (2).jpg

    Church Community Service

    The Lord’s Church Baptist, in Chesterfield County, VA, (upper left) has been focused on serving God through community service for a long time. One of their missions is to bring community members together with law enforcement to discuss their concerns. Like many churches they operate a clothes closet to help those who are struggling. Over a few months in early 2018 they distributed twenty thousand loaves of bread to those in need. They also have a college scholarship program for deserving high school graduates. The County Board of Supervisors was so impressed with their commitment to service, they invited a group from the church in to present them with a community service award.

    Teen Community Service

    A group of teens from Saint Stephen Lutheran Church in Marlborough, MA (upper right) spent some of their school vacation time serving God by serving others. Some volunteered at the local senior living facility playing games with and getting to know the senior residents. Others took part in maintenance activities at a summer camp facility. Finally, another group assisted in packing food boxes for distribution at the local food bank. Praise God for the Lutheran Inter-Parish Youth program that organized this community outreach.

    Team Community Service

    A group of churches from Texas came together in Port Arthur to assist those affected by Tropical Storm Harvey (lower left). Several youth groups consisting of middle school and high school students, guided by adult volunteers, pitched in to paint and make minor repairs to damaged homes. This program was started by adults and the kids didn’t want to be left out, so they were brought in to serve as well. Along with the volunteer labor, many of the building materials were also donated. This is a wonderful demonstration of a team effort to serve God by serving others.

    Coalition Community Service

    In St. Louis, MO, over 150 churches have joined together to serve God by serving others through dedicated community service with the St. Louis Metropolitan Clergy Coalition (lower right). Their goal is to find solutions to spiritual, social, and economic issues that plague their local community. Working together in these large numbers they are able to generate funds to implement programs focused on spiritual enrichment, education, youth development, health care, economic development and much more. This is a grand example of how to leverage the power of God by bringing all those with a heart for services together moving in the same direction.

    How might you use your talent
    and resources to Serve God?



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