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Blog Entries from Utah Knight

  1. Depression

    Hello i have not been here a while to much has happened but i'll give you a short version here. 1. The first thing that has happened was my kids died. the were being baby sat and they were going to a zoo and they got hit and killed 2. I have gotten divorced due to the mentioned incident above and her blaming me because they were my friends and she also quit church all together . 3. I started school again. I am studying ancient religious symbolism.
  2. hello

    it looks like we have pets back i have 3 so far. They are all eggs but i'll tell you their names here once they hatch i will tell you what they are Blaze Firestorm silver striker also i have posted the building where i work at here as an attactment
  3. cross

    my new cross my wife bought me
  4. hello

    Hello sorry i have been away for a while. as many of you know I am a cop and I only post when I am at work and it has been quiet as it is now. I do not post at home because I am most always doing things with my family and I preach Wed. I was gone for a couple different reasons. The 1st is that i was on escot duty for about 2 months and also we have had alot of things going on at the city hall. Not much has changed besides what i mentioned. We are all well in my family.
  5. Hello

    Its me and my first post here in this blog feature. I am still trying to learn my way around the new site and it is driveing me insane lol .