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Blog Entries from Starnchrist

  1. Stand Your Ground

    2 Samuel 23:10 "But Eleazar stood his ground and struck down the philistines til his hand grew tired and froze to the sword. The LORD brought about a great victory that day..." (NIV) The first time I heard this story it stuck to me and made me think so much about standing my ground in the midst of my battles. Sometimes there are moments when our problems seem to strong, fierce or to much for us to handle. Sometimes we stand our ground like Eleazar but we also grow weary in the midst of...
  2. How Good You've Been To Me

    I sit here listening to reckless, a beautiful song about God's overwhelming kindness and goodness and I can't help but feel hope. I don't deserve it but still God gives himself away for me. That's love beyond measure. No wall he won't kick down coming after me. It's overwhelming to the point that it makes you say, why me? what makes me so special, but despite what ever mess we are in, God tends to say, "I will still love you." How many times have we seen people who give up on others....
  3. His Love

    Psalms 100:5 For Jehovah is good; his lovingkindness endureth for ever, And his faithfulness unto all generations. This psalm gives me hope. Gods loving kindness endures forever. His love for us is huge. It gives me the hope that everyday I am forgiven. His love for me surpasses my darkest moments. This also reminded me of Romans 5:8 where it says, “But God commendeth his own love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” He loves me even at my darkest moment....
  4. The Prodigal Daughter

    I know that many may not read this or some may think this is crazy, but for those who do read and understand, I ask for prayers. The prodigal life is very difficult and the way home is not easy. It can take time, years and effort. I pray everyday for forgiveness but living in a constant state of sin is difficult to feel forgiveness. I may be close to the time where I do leave my significant other and have to start all over again, but after three years that is going to be very...