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Blog Entries from Stancet

  1. Trip To A Funeral

    My sunday school teacher's father-in-law has passed away this week. I only got the news today. He was about 52 with lots of life still in him. Our annual Men's Conference was nearly upon us and he was looking forward to going, but he went to sleep and didn't wake up. Out of respect and my love for all my church family, I decided to go to the visitation. It was a wonderful time. I know I am socially awkward but I have discovered something about love today. Although I was not emotionally...
  2. With All Your Mind

    Recently a work friend of mine (who is a pastor without a church) has been sharing with me experiences about leading people to Jesus. As of yet, I haven't lead anyone to saving faith in Jesus but I have had conversations that hopefully opened the door for later opportunities. Some people I've met have studied world religions and come to believe all religions preach the same thing. When I talk to such people I have to be patient and explain why Christianity truly is different. Getting back...
  3. Prayer Journals

    I am learning to keep a prayer journal. Many Christians keep these to remind themselves of important requests to bring before God, as well as to remember how He previously answered prayers. This is something to do for encouragement, but the technique varies. One journal format that works for one person can be different from another person's format. I've listed some ideas created myself and other people. Some I have tried some but I hope to experiment until I find the perfect journal for me....