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Blog Entries from Philip_B

  1. Angelus

    I suspect I am not on my own in this. I have found that since I have joined CF there is more heresy about than I was ever aware of, and a great deal of this heresy basically builds down to the basic heresies that were understood in the early centuries of the Christian Religion. As a fairly easy Anglican one is inclined to think that we have moved on, but sadly no. Arianism is one of those that seems to rear it's ugly head with unrelenting frequency. I am very grateful that somewhere...
  2. Magnificat

    My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord My spirit rejoices in God my Saviour; he has looked with favour on his lowly servant. The Third Sunday in Advent - Gaudate (Rejoice) Sunday - is the Sunday we think in many lectionaries about the role of Mary, Theotokos (the God Bearer). Confronted with the Angelic visitation Mary is asked to say yes to God. Yes I will play my part. Yes, I will do as you ask. Yes, I will be part of your plan of salvation. The confronting yes is the yes that we...
  3. Advent is

    For some years I have played with the idea that Advent is the Season of Expectation, of the looking and the longing for the return of Jesus, mirrored in our waiting for the joy of Christmas Day. I keep wondering if Expectation is such a cool word. Expectations are things that destroy relationships, are often dashed, and leave people feeling diminished and devalued when in reality they should be elated in what they were able to achieve. I was a little tired of hearing Oh Little Town of...
  4. Filioque

    I am an Anglican. The Anglican Church says or doesn't say the filioque, it is certainly as the Nicene Creed is printed in The Book of Common Prayer 1661-2. I have been research it for some time, and as a result of that research I have come to a position where I no longer say it, and realistically I don't think it should be there at all. There are three issues that the argument swings around. Those issues are: The matter of Procedure - as in how did it get there, was that procedure sound or...