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Blog Entries from Nilla

  1. Smile - Kirk Franklin

    Kirk Franklin - I Smile (Lyric Video) - YouTube "You look so much better when you smile"
  2. Being a vessel

    If we think really hard about it, we're all vessels. Vessels just like these Granted we all don't look like that though. Some are taller, some smaller, some might be darker, green or red maybe.. but we're still like vessels. Now maybe you wonder what crazy person is behind this blog... but bear with me just a little longer. In what way are we like vessels.. well we can all fill our lives and ourselves with lots of different things. Some do it with music, some with friends and family.. some...
  3. Love

    Hey!! Long time no blogging. Lately my life has been busy, lots of things happening at work and lots of things happening in my personal life. Both with my walk with God and relationships. Family wise and with my boyfriend. Starting with the family - parents are worried about my relationship with my boyfriend - why? Because of the medical issues. Nothing life threatning but something that does affect day to day life in a small way. I get that is normal for parents to worry about...
  4. Satisfy my soul

    Sitting here listening to an amazing song with the same title as this blog entry. Satisfy my soul.... There's been a lot going on lately.. work is not the best, I've been stressing and we've got parent - teacher meetings going on. Where we meet one teacher with the kids parents (one family at the time) and we talk about what's going on, how they feel about things and so on. Not all these meetings are easy since we also have to bring up things that are not so great. With all that's...
  5. Just awesome!

    YouTube - ‪Come To Jesus - Chris Rice (Lyrics)‬‎ This song brings me to tears because it reminds me that I'm not alone. That I'm loved, no matter what. It also reminds me that God is there, always. When I'm sad, He is there to listen and comfort me. When I'm happy, He is there to share my joy. When I need forgiveness, He is there to forgive me and to lead me onto the right path again. I know I don't deserve His love or forgiveness but still He loves me and forgives. :bow:...
  6. To God

    I have so much that I need to tell You. So much that needs to get out but somethings I don't know how to put into words. Other things I'm sure You're getting tired of hearing. :blush: I've still got questions about Christians death. He wrote that in time we would all understand, I'm not sure I'll ever understand. I know I could have been a better sister, I know that. I don't know if there was a thought behind it but he died the day before my birthday, was that a message to me somehow.. a...
  7. Ask for it

    I was listening to a sermon about Knowing God's will for Your life. The pastor preaching is Jimmy Evans. In this sermon towards the end he says something that makes me think of something I tell the kids I work with. What he said was it will never be right between you and God until you include him in everything. (My words, not his. I don't remember the exact words.) That made me think of something I tell the kids at work if something has happend or they are upset. Some comes running...
  8. Long time no blogging..

    Someone pointed out to me that I haven't been posting in my blog since I joined staff. I hadn't thought about it but then I realised it was true. The reason is simple but also very wrong. I had gotten it in my mind that as a staffer I should be flawless and close to perfect. No one has said to me that I need to be. No one has ever said not to show I'm not perfect, that's something everyone knows anyway since we're all sinners. But I thought that if I showed my doubts and struggles that it...
  9. Life as a jigsaw puzzle

    A few times lately I've seen life as different kind of jigsaw puzzles. Sometimes have a 5 piece puzzle where we easily can see where we're going and where all the different pieces goes. And then there's the times with 50 pieces...a little more tricky but not impossible to figure out, takes a bit more effort that's all. But it's when we get to the 100, 500, 1000 or maybe 10 000 pieces where we can spend time trying to fit different pieces together and just gets frustrated cause not a...
  10. Satisfy

    I heard this song when I was fighting and struggling with a lot of things... and I just realised..I what I had to do... I hope you enjoy this song as much I do. [MEDIA=youtube]BH83D6eq93Q[/MEDIA]
  11. All this and more..so much more

    Alpha and Omega Deliverer Lord of Lords King of Kings Almighty My refuge Strong Tower Father One night this week I asked God, "Who are You?" , let me know who you really are. These names came to mind. Just wanted to share.
  12. Humble King

    [MEDIA=youtube]P9WN0TKsFCA[/MEDIA] Oh kneel me down again Here at Your feet Show me how much You love Humility Oh spirit be the star That leads me to The humble heart of love I see in You Cuz You are the God of the broken The friend of the weak You wash the feet of the weary Embrace the ones in need And I want to be like you Jesus To have this heart in me You are the God of the humble You are the humble King Oh kneel me down again Here at Your feet Show me how...
  13. Why?

    Why is it so hard to let go fo control and give it all to God? I know He has control and sees the bigger picture where I only see a fraction of it. But still I sometimes struggle with giving it all to Him. Pride? Insecurity? I don't know. All I know is that I need to learn to fully trust God in all areas in my life ALL the time and not just when things are going good. :doh: Why does it feel like I'm back on square one tonight after last nights deep conversation? (Background, getting to...
  14. just...yea...

    :doh: :sorry: :sigh::cry:
  15. Bring me to my knees God

    [MEDIA=youtube]pDgLzhofceo[/MEDIA] Awesome song and right now my prayer. Oh Lead Me Oh lead me To the place where I can find you Oh lead me To the place where you'll be Lead me to the cross Where we first met Draw me to my knees So we can talk Let me feel your breath Let me know you're here with me