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Blog Entries from mnphysicist

  1. How God Brought Me Through Grief After The Passing Of My Wife

    The following is in response to a poster here whose father walked away from Church after the death of her mother. Anger is a pretty common expression of grief as is isolation. Having become a widower some years back, I mostly avoided the anger thing, but totally get the avoiding church thing. For me, it wasn't a change in my walk with Christ, as much as it is that there are about a million things church folks can say to a grieving person, and short of a few, most are more harmful than helpful.
  2. Crossing to the other side... safety, its wrong

    This is really cool, and pretty pertinent too. Far too often, Christians seek out safety and escape, rather than engagement, and danger. Sometimes I think folks get way too carried away with the brother stumbling thing, and instead retreat and do nothing. The following is from Brian's stuff @ Mark 4.35-41 Crossing to the other side is not an option for those who want to obey/follow Jesus. The only safe way to "cross over to the other side" is to trust Jesus to calm the storms that will...
  3. Ineffective youth ministries

    Some bits and pieces I came across today. Ineffective youth ministries are all about their youth program. Their model is very “inside” Christian bubble way of doing youth ministry. Rather than preparing disciples, they prepare Christian youth to wear lampshades and blinders. They expect all the non-church kids to come to their church event. Ineffective youth ministries are spiritual safety programs for church kids. It becomes more about sin management than it does about being the...
  4. CF Data on new member signups over time

    This is one of the big reasons I came back... nothing like a challenge LOL It wont be an easy task, thats for sure. Click on the thumbnail to expand
  5. My advocacy for the SoF change to the Nicene Creed

    My rational for returning to staff, and also advocating for the Nicene Creed changes, were in part, my observation that Nestorianism, Docetism, and just about every other early church heresy, albeit just under the radar, are being promoted on CF. I think discussing and countering such beliefs is a very good thing... unchecked promotion, combined with inadequate resources to discuss or engage is another matter entirely, and there in lies the problem. Back on my watch, CF for the most part...
  6. Command and control top down leadership

    I was asked, whoa.. whats up with CF's leadership. So here goes: CF currently operates under a highly vertical command and control structure... Its light years easier from a sr staff pov, and it leads to a ton less observable drama on the part of members and staff. And by less observable drama, things don't build to such levels, that innocent bystanders get hurt. The negative parts include: unobservable drama may still be building, roadblocks are in place when it comes to negative...
  7. The CF statement of faith prior to May 2009

    The text of the CF statement of faith prior to May 2009 We worship one God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Isaiah 44:6-8; Exodus 3:15). God is three divine persons, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, who share one essence--the Trinity (John 6:27; John 1:1, 14; Romans 8:9; Hebrews 1:2-3). Our Lord, God and Savior, Jesus Christ, the incarnate second person of the Holy Trinity, fully God and fully man (John 1:1, 14), by the Power of the Holy Spirit was born of a Virgin (Luke 1:35)...