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Blog Entries from Matt5

  1. What You Don't Want To Hear About The Return Of Jesus

    Summary The return of Jesus does not refer to the day he returns. It refers to events preceding his day of return. In particular, events preceding the tribulation when life is normal. A series of sudden events will catch you off-guard and harm or kill you. Examples: 9/11, 2008 financial crash and COVID-19. They will get much worse. Detail Concerning the day Jesus arrives: We know when Jesus is returning. It won't be a mystery. We won't be caught off-guard. Revelation 13:5 gives us a...
  2. The Fall Of Rome

    'Yoma 10a in the Talmud – “Rabbi Yochanan said in the name of Rabbi Yehuda in the name of Rabbi Ilayi: In the time to come, Rome will fall at the hands of Persia.”' - [URL="https://goo.gl/B2YrY7"]Prophecy Fulfilled: Sept. 4, 2015 - Israel News[/URL] And then the retaliation comes to Iran (Persia) after 9 months: Rabbi Yonasan Eibshetz (1690-1764) in his book Ya’arot Dvash – “At a certain moment the time will come when the Messiah should have already arrived but the redemption has not yet come. The Messiah will ask how it could be that the time for...
  3. The Parable Of The Wise And Foolish Virgins

    Two groups - the wise and the foolish. The foolish group is shut out of the wedding party when Jesus comes. Where did they go wrong? Read the parable carefully. Jesus comes but he doesn't seem to arrive. Well, he does but he's the false prophet. He is the Islamic Jesus who fools half of the virgins (Christians.) They must join Islam or die. The foolish ones join Islam. A little later the real Jesus shows up.
  4. A Framework For Bible Prophecy

    Imagine that you are going to invade another planet. The inhabitants are not going to be happy about that. They are going to fight against you. Therefore, you will need to devastate the planet before actually landing on the planet. Think Independence Day. You'll do this through a series of shocks. You would know these shocks as nuclear attacks. On the planet exists supporters. You would prefer not to kill your supporters on this planet but how do you communicate with them? You can include...
  5. Is Daniel 7:4 About America?

    I have noticed that America today seems to look a lot like Daniel 7:4. Could that be true? The reason to be concerned comes in the next verse: in Daniel 7:5 Russia appears to launch a great war against somebody. Have you noticed how America is currently unstable? That a lot of people are concerned about civil war? Have you noticed that a new religion (religion of equality) has taken hold of America? Did you know America is vulnerable to military defeat? Experts warn Trump's...
  6. Is Isaiah 18 About America?

    Isaiah 18 asks the entire world to stop and pay attention. Something big is coming. I am going to argue that Isaiah 18 could be about the obliteration of America in the spring following Israel's destruction of its neighbors in Isaiah 17. Isaiah 17 triggers Isaiah 18 after a short delay. According to the Russian nuclear doctrine, if a Russian ally (Syria) is nuked (by israel) as in Isaiah 17, then Russia reserves the right to nuke back. Obviously, Russia can't nuke Israel because America...