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Blog Entries from FoundInGrace

  1. Today

    Not feeling good today sigh. Not to dwell but am depressed. Haven't wanted to just sign out for a long time. I wonder if it would actually matter but my nephews and neice I can't because of them. Sigh just dont feel very good.
  2. Today

    Hi Father God Very tired, my own fault. I'm sorry. It was good at church though, thank you for kindness. And for the deep sleep this afternoon, I did not expect that but was so tired, thank you for that as well. You know everything else, am still too tired to write more. Goodnight Father God, thank you for being there. thank you for everything.
  3. Today

    Hi Father God It was a good day today. Thank you for a good day. I have to write more so it will post but just know I am grateful. Hopefully will have a good sleep. Thank you for listening. Amen.
  4. Today

    Hi Father God Well You know how today was. Tough day, yesterday was quite good compared to today. I'm not sure what to do. So yes that is how it is. Being honest. And that helps. Thank you for listening, it helps that You listen not just to my words but my heart and all the emotions in there as well. Thank you, From me.
  5. Today

    Hi God Was rough day at work. Feel not very good but feel too miserable to even cry at the moment. Need Your help with coworkers and feeling insecure and all of it. From me. ..........................................................................
  6. This Morning

    Hardly any sleep...well broken sleep unfortunately and got lots to do today. Sigh. Really tired. Just couldn't get to sleep. I miss my friend. Father God please help me today.
  7. Today

    Hi Father God Was ok day today Am tired so will sleep now Thank you for everything that I don't have energy to write.. job, Your help, Bible, DAB, just lots of good things, please help me with the car. Thank you - you're so patient all the time. Don't know how you do that. Nite, thank you Amen
  8. Today

    Found this pic when searching for night prayers, I just liked it. Thank you Father God for all the good things. Please help me with sleep and guidance. Please help my nephews and neice have a relationship with You and be kind to each other. And please bless my true friends from You who have blessed me so much. Thank you for caring about us God, thank you, amen.
  9. Thank You

    Thank you Father God for making the celebrations go okay. Tired God You see, May that be all that matters, May my heart feel comfort In You in all of it. Thank you Father Thank you Amen
  10. Today

    Hi Father God Thank you very much for bringing home my little cat and keeping her safe. Thank you for a good day today as well. Thank you for being there today and for caring and understanding. Thank you Amen
  11. Today

    Hi Father God Thank you for the help, all of it. Please look after the new person in Jesus Name. Please also save me from myself! I'm my own worst enemy sometimes :-( In Jesus Name. From me.
  12. Thank you

    Thank you Father God for today, please help the lady, thank you that you are helping her, please be with her tonight very much so she knows You are there and please heal and free her for You Glory. Thank you Father for Your Word and Your Presence, thank you for everything, amen
  13. Today

    Hi Father God Thank you for today. Thank you for your mercy and help. I am very tired but you know all about that. I'm sorry I am so far from having the character in my life that I could have had. I'm sorry I haven't sought You more than I have. Thank you for still being there, even though I am so flawed and failed in so many ways. Merciful God
  14. Thank you

    Thank you Father God for everything.
  15. Today

    Thank you Father God for blessing me so much today, thank you