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Blog Entries from edie19

  1. my very full plate

    as previously noted - my son lost his job a few months ago (he's going to school, but no luck finding a new job) and my d-i-l's job is only part time (she's an esthetician and is building a clientèle slowly but surely, but these days fewer people are spending money on extras like facials) and like many others are having some tough financial times, so . . . . their family is moving in with us today - for at least one to two months (they've been living in what was my m-i-l's home - but can no...
  2. prayers

    Sam got fired this week Kellie told me but Sam hasn't said a word so I'm supposed to act surprised when he does tell me It's 48 hours since Kellie told me - I told Joe today, I can't keep it from him. Plus, he owns the house that Sam lives in (pretty much rent free) and that's going to be an issue going forward. Praying that Sam finds a job quickly, that he decides to go back to school and finish a degree, that Kellie get a part time job until she graduates from her trade in early...
  3. titles to every blog entry are stupid

    my bones hurt today anymore I'm never sure how to take that do I worry? I think it's just how life is from now on (it's been almost 2 years now) - but it is still a concern at times.
  4. hmmm

    Currently Active Users: 1133 (209 members and 924 guests) going to keep an eye on these numbers - I think there is reason to be concerned
  5. this is a concern

    Currently Active Users: 596 (116 members and 480 guests) granted, it's Sunday morning, but I haven't seen more than 200 members on-line in ages. I think it's directly related to the fact that RD (Dr. Steve) was perma-banned. The powers that be have declined his appeal. Many, many members are upset and are leaving. I hope that LeeD recognizes the fallout this one move is apt to have.
  6. Tim's wedding

    Tim B. got married yesterday afternoon - things were just beautiful (which is especially nice since they had a tornado at their rehearsal dinner). Lukas was ring bearer - he was so cute and so serious. Before the wedding the pastor told both Luke and the little flower girl to stand by the person they were most comfortable - so Luke stood by Tim. At one point he rested his elbow on the kneeler rail and was staring up at Tim - a look of total concentration on his face. Weddings are hard...
  7. funny grandson sayings

    last night the kids, grandboys and I took Joe out to dinner for his birthday. Hannah has just gotten a new haircut and we all commented on it. About 10 minutes or so later a song came on the jukebox and Hannah commented that she didn't like the song. Logan turns to her and says "maybe if you change your hair you'll like it." Where do little kids come up with these things? I'd love to know how their minds work sometimes - I'm sure it made perfect sense to him.
  8. a tad tired

    I've felt just a tad tired of late. Probably as much mental as physical (I know my hemoglobin is ok). Work has been busy (especially with the computer upgrade) and we're going to get busier with summer coming. Other stresses at work too - mostly cause some folks just like to complain. I love my job - but I don't want it to consume me, I certainly don't want it to be my life. I'm taking Monday off - which means a 3 day weekend. Haven't taken a day off since last October (and that was...
  9. blog

    ok - think I semi-have this new blog down I posted a link in my old blog (perplexions and ponders) for this blog (perplexions & ponders II). Hopefully I've got it now. Stressing (probably more than I need to) about Sam & Kellie's finances. We probably do too much for them - and more than I'd do if they didn't have children. I'm rather tired of all the discussion going through Kellie & I, Joe and Sam need to sit down and talk about the rental house (which Joe wants to sell).
  10. new CF

    well, I'm confident that things will be ok going forward - but all the CF changes are taking some getting used to strong reminder to self - I'm here for the fellowship, not for the bells and whistles reminder number 2 - they aren't done yet