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Attended Las Vegas Trump Rally

My wife and I at Trump rally in Vegas.

  1. The Url above shows news coverage of me and my wife in the crowd at President Trump's rally in Las Vegas on 9-20-18. You can find me at the 1:04:09 mark by looking down from the "Promises Kept" sign to the white haired man with beard (me) wearing the black shirt and white flowers across the shoulders. President Trump comes out at 1:07:50. This was an exciting event, but entailed about 6 1/2 hours of standing, some outside in line waiting to get in, and then for the entire rally inside. I had enjoyed all the rallys I had seen him in on the Internet except the last one in Montana (which seemed like the same old thing), but this one in Vegas was truly exciting to experience in person, despite the hours of standing. My wife is an even greater fan of Trump than I, so I wanted her to experience this event in association with our 33rd wedding anniversary today.


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