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An Important Announcement, Announcing Psalms 27, Emergency Shopping, A Bad Trade And "this Happened Because They Stepped On The Flag (us)" (dream)

By Job3315 · Feb 8, 2021 · ·
  1. Warning: My God given assignment is to publish these dreams. I am not responsible for the wrong use of these dreams by interpreters. I do not affiliate with any interpreter. The reason I publish my dreams here is so anyone can track the dreams to the original source and validate their authenticity. I only serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

    January 28th, 2021
    I was with a few people and we were walking in a park or open area and we were heading to vote. I recognized one of the people as one of my best friends from school in PR. Something happened that we were sad about a decision that was made in the government and now we needed to vote for someone else. I said to the people that were with me, “Well, if we all vote for this other person, we can remove this other person from power.” I don’t know who we were talking about. Then the scene changes that I was outside of my house in PR. It was dark, but not quite nighttime. I was with my boss, her husband and someone else and we just heard the news of some sort of important announcement was going to take place. I asked my boss and her husband what they were going to do and they said they wanted to go hear the announcement. I knew they meant going to a plaza where they were going to make the announcement. I told them I needed to go somewhere else but I was going to get back and eventually meet them. We all separated. As I was walking through a place that looked a lot like a college or a governmental building (because it had huge pillars) I started to smell toilet water. It wasn’t sewer water, it smelled like when there’s a leak in a public restroom. I heard someone say that something bad was going to happen because some people were mad and they were going to start breaking waterlines to flood the building. I suddenly had an urge to get to higher ground and I also felt the Lord kept playing Psalm 27 from the Psalms Project, when it says, “For in the day of trouble, He will keep me safe in His tent He will hide me in His secret place… Be strong, take heart and wait for the Lord wait for the Lord wait for Him…” I eventually met with my boss and her husband or I felt we were going to meet but I kept thinking in my spirit that the Lord wanted me to go to higher ground to broadcast Psalm 27. I pictured myself getting to an office that had a microphone, some sort of radio station and I was going to announce Psalm 27. I felt people needed to hear it. I knew it was daytime but there wasn’t much daylight, it was cloudy. As I kept smelling toilet water, I ran to higher ground through some buildings and I saw some stairs that I knew would get me higher to the place I saw in my mind (radio station). I noticed a bunch of water came running down the stairs as I kept trying to go to higher ground. The ground was made of brown rocks/pebbles and when the water came down it became slippery. I could smell the toilet water and I figured people had already broken the waterlines and I didn’t want to get wet with that water. I slipped and fell, and as I was having a hard time trying to stand up because it was very slippery, I saw a police officer running down the stairs where the water was coming down from, but he was just a college guard, not government official. He was coming down the stairs and I thought he was going to prevent me from not going up, but he ran down the stairs and left as if he was trying to escape the water. I also saw a woman running down the stairs. I kept thinking if I should or shouldn’t go up the stairs since the water seemed like it was coming down the stairs or more water was going to eventually come down and I was afraid it was going to hit me hard (a torrent). Then the scene changes that I am in a street and a reporter is interviewing a toddler who is in a black stroller and the kid had a buzz light year hanging on the stroller, it looked like a mobile that you hang on a baby’s crib. The toy looked like it was black and I know Buzz is white. I was thinking that the toy looked like it was bought from a thrift store (it looked used and I think it had some sort of red wax writing on it). The reporter finished interviewing the child and people dispersed and I kept walking down the sidewalk. It was crowded. There were some kids and I was just walking through a crowd. It felt like it was New York. One kid in front of me was like 8 years old or I thought I knew he was 8 years old and he had a black jacket on. Then, suddenly something happened that I was in front of a supermarket that looked like Aldi and people ran inside. I didn’t know what was going on and people were running through the store getting food and they seemed desperate. Because people were trying to get food, I asked myself if I needed anything but I kept thinking, “I have food and I am ok, I have food I don’t need anything”. People were grabbing whatever they could find. I thought I might need some fruit and I saw some papaya that was cut in half. There wasn’t much fruit and it seemed like the papaya was one of the last fruits left, but I thought I don’t like papayas, so I won’t buy it because I won’teat it. I turned it and noticed it was pale, so I thought it wasn’t completely ripe, but it had some dark spots on the skin that made me think it was spoiled. I just decided not to buy it. I kept thinking if I needed anything like rice or meat. I saw huge flanks of ribs, but I thought I have one at home I don’t need more. I saw long lines, they were so long I saw people inside a freezer section but the freezer wasn’t on, and they were there in line with the items waiting to pay.

    I went back to sleep and I dreamt this:
    I dreamt that I was outside my house in PR and I heard a Hispanic woman I know arguing with a man. I couldn’t see her well from the angle I was at, so I walked around the corner and I saw her arguing with a man. The man was already inside a car. From what I heard, the woman did a trade in, but the deal went wrong and she lost the deal and the car. So, she traded her car and was supposed to get a car, but now she lost both things. She was very upset and the man seemed like he wasn’t going to cave in. I got close to her and I put my arms around her. As the man went to drive away, I said, “Can I ask you a simple yes or no question? Just yes or no”. He agreed. I said, “Was the deal fair?” (as if he thought what he was doing was fair, to steal a car like that.) He rolled his eyes and left. He was white and had white hair. He looked in his 50’s. The car was a big car, like a mix of a hummer and jeep. The windows were down, the car was tall, square and the color was mix of white and silver. The color was very pretty. I walked along the woman and I told her not to worry about it. I told her something like, “Because of what he did the car will probably now stop working or he’ll crash it.” As in, God will do her justice.

    Then I dreamt that I was inside a supermarket that looked like Aldi because it was open. I was thinking, I should be going home because I felt I shouldn’t be in the supermarket because I felt I had had a dream where I was warned not to go to the supermarket during an emergency (I was sensing what I saw in the previous dream where people were desperately buying food), and I already had what I needed, but since I was already in the supermarket, I decided to roam around. It was pretty empty, I don’t recall seeing clients, just a few employees. I looked at the freezers and they were almost empty. I was trying to find some of the frozen chicken I eat. I thought I had seen a bag as I walked through, so I walked back a few steps. I noticed the freezers looked like they weren’t working. I was thinking that if the chicken wasn’t frozen or cold it wouldn’t be a good idea to buy it. When I went back a few steps, I couldn’t see the bag of chicken. I saw a flat bag of chicken breast and I grabbed it. I thought maybe it was a good idea to buy a few more items. I was worried food was going to run out and I wanted to be prepared. Inside the store was very dark so it seemed like it was as if there was a blackout. I was touching the bag of chicken because it felt too flat to be a bag of chicken breasts. I saw an employee, but it seemed like he was a person who works for an alcohol company, the ones who work independently and stack alcohol in stores. He stopped what he was doing and he grabbed one of the bags like the one I had in my hands and he wanted to show me how it worked. He opened it up and it was a portable cooler. That’s when I realized I was holding a portable/inflatable cooler in my hands with the picture of chicken breast, not a bag of chicken. I said, “that’s why the bag felt flat”. I decided not to buy it and continued walking. I felt there was another person near us but I don’t know who it was. Then I went to another section and there were no people there. I asked myself, “I do need a few vegetables and should I buy a few fresh fruits?” I remember thinking I needed garlic and peppers. I looked at an open fridge and there were some vegetables and fruits. I remember seeing a heart artichoke in the open fridge. I remember thinking, “There’s food, just not as much as usual.” I got to the end of the store and it looked like the end of my driveway in PR. It was dark, like that time near dawn. I saw there were some items on a shelf I had at the end of the driveway. I saw an emergency flashlight, an emergency radio (both were black and red) and other things I knew were for emergencies, like a first aid kit, etc. I also saw there was a small bag of what it looked like dog treats. It looked like an emergency pantry in my driveway in PR. I thought that my dad placed those items there. I grabbed the emergency flashlight but then I put it back. Then I went to grab the radio, but I thought to just leave it there. I was confused if I was still in the store or in my house and if those items belonged to my family. If they didn’t belong to us, I didn’t want to touch them and if they did, I didn’t want to use them because they were for emergencies. I looked towards the entrance of the driveway and I realized it was dark, like dawn, but I knew it was pass dawn so I was wondering why the sky looked so dark. I looked at the clock and it said 8:03 or 8:06 and I thought that the darkness was unusual, there was supposed to be daylight by then, but it was very cloudy, not quite nighttime, but it wasn’t sunny. It looked like when a really bad storm is coming. As I was walking down the driveway, I heard a woman talking to another woman, but I couldn’t see them. I was at the far end of the driveway and the voice was coming from the sidewalk at the left side of the front of the house, I couldn’t see the person from where I was because I was at the very end of the driveway. I heard the woman say, “This happened because they stepped on the flag” I wanted to make sure I understood what she said and I paid close attention and she repeated, “This happened because they stepped on the flag.” I knew she was talking about the United States and I had the picture of the American Flag on my mind. I felt she meant that whatever was happening was because people disrespected/desecrated the flag/the nation of United States of America. I recognized the voice of one of the women. She is my cousin Maria who lives in Florida. As I walked to the front of the driveway, I saw an old big American truck (it looked like it was an old Chevrolet truck from the 60’s) that was rusty and cream color, and it had run into another vehicle. I heard the sound of metal bending/creaking, but I am not sure if it was because of the crash or if something else had just fallen and the truck just stopped or crashed just as when the other event happened. I remember seeing the driver looking up right before stopping with the other car. Like the man got distracted by seeing something to the west and he crashed the car, but the sound I heard didn’t match the fender bender I just saw. The sound I heard was from steel beams slowly creaking/bending and falling. It wasn’t a loud noise, more like when a steal structure is falling and then a crash. I then had a sudden fear that water was going to come running through the streets, a lot of water, like a torrent, and I thought I should’ve stayed home and not gone to the supermarket like God warned me earlier. I woke up.


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  1. Job3315
    I was just on Youtube, she mentions Psalms 27 as well.