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A Way To Reach Thousands For Christ

By Greg Merrill · May 26, 2017 ·
  1. Along with the Christian forum sites I go on, I also go regularly on a site called "Nextdoor." For me this is not only a fun and informative site about the extended neighborhood I live in, I see now how it can be a way for me to contact hundreds/thousands of my neighbors without leaving my house. It offers within it a place to start your own "group" among the neighbors as well, a place to share common interests. Until yesterday, noone had started a group. The idea came to me to start the first group, and have it be for "Christians". It required a title, and since the name of the neighborhood is Cimarron-Gowan I titled it "Cimarron Saints." I could have used "Sin-City Saints" seeing I live in Las Vegas, but naw. The site offers info on what is going on in the neighborhood, things for sale, for free, classifieds, help needed, and whatever is of interest. It offers a map showing every home. When one joins they have the option to have 25 postcards sent out in their name to other neighbors free. Neighbors that accept automatically give you more postcards. I sent out 75 postcards last night, and expect about 3 to accept, giving me more postcards. I have had 47 accept since I joined at the end of March. The next highest total for a person is 14, then 9, then 6. Most people aren't even interested in clicking the two buttons that does all the work for you, and all for free. They don't see the vision of reaching people for Christ on this site. I was thinking about those of you on CF and your own neighborhoods. I am going to send you a link, and let you check this out for yourself, and how they will set this up in your neighborhood at your request. Currently this is good for the USA, Netherlands, and UK. You could also forward this info on to other Christians, and imagine the thousands, hundreds of thousands of contacts for Christ that could be made because of this, if we tell them how simple it is to use, as well as the benefits of communicating this way with neighbors in general. This is not a business. I don't earn anything for doing this. Just a free tool I have seen that can be used for Christ. It is satisfying!!! Here is the link: Join the free private social network for your neighborhood.


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