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A Fight Between Good And Evil (dream)

By Job3315 · Jan 10, 2021 · ·
  1. Warning: My God given assignment is to publish these dreams. I am not responsible for the wrong use of these dreams by interpreters. I do not affiliate with any interpreter. The reason I publish my dreams here is so anyone can track the dreams to the original source and validate their authenticity. I only serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

    January 10, 2021

    I dreamt that I was suddenly inside a bus, but I am not sure if it was a school bus or a city bus. There was a fight going on inside the bus between good and bad guys. It was daytime, but since I was in the bus it was a little dark inside. I knew the good guys were superheroes but I didn’t recognize any of them at that moment. Each group was of 4-5 people. I was inside the bus near the middle in between the seats and I was looking at the fight that was happening. The good guys (superheroes) were to my right near the back of the bus and the good guys were to my left near the entrance. I saw that the right side was filled with gray smoke. The bad guys had done something to the good guys and the group of the heroes were completely covered with gray smoke. I couldn’t see them anymore because they were surrounded by gray smoke. The bad guys were about to leave the bus after doing whatever they did to the heroes and they walked towards the exit, but just as they were walking out, they decided to go back, enter through the smoke and keep fighting to make sure the heroes were dead. One of the bad guys ran away and escaped through the front exit of the bus while the others walked back towards the gray smoke. That scene surprised me. I thought, “The bad guys are so evil that they are willing to risk and even lose their life to make sure the heroes die.” Then there was an explosion and I was suddenly out of the bus. There had been a fight in the back of the bus between the good and the bad guys, right where the smoke was, and pieces of the bus went flying in the explosion, so pieces of the bus were everywhere on the street. Now I was on the street and there was a lot of light. Even though I didn’t recognize any of the heroes, or I didn’t really see them I just remember seeing a cape, I knew Superman was in the group. I saw about 4-5 people on the ground in the middle of the street in the rubble. One of the people in the pile was alive but was burning, but he wasn’t on fire. The dead people were completely black, but the burns of the one who was still alive looked like when lava is going through the streets slowly and its red/orange inside and black outside. This person who was still alive was trying to get up, but he was in between the corpses; it looked like a scene you would see in hell. I became sad because I didn’t know who got burnt and I knew heroes were in the bus, so maybe they were part of the ones who were burnt/dead. I was thinking about Superman and how he could survive that kind of explosion and I was wondering if he was dead or if he was the survivor, who looked like he wasn’t going to make it because of the awful burns. Then the scene changes that I am in an open corridor in the shape of an L. I was near the center. It looked like a college or governmental place because it had pillars and a huge staircase. The explosion on the bus happened at the end of the corridor I was standing and I could see something that looked like the rubble of the bus at street at the end on the corridor. One side of the corridor was open and you could see a garden in front of it, all I saw was all green vegetation, like trees and such, it looked like a small plaza. There was a table at the corridor I was in and I was near the end of the corridor which connected to a side corridor that had a beautiful staircase. The staircase was spiral at the end. It was big. I saw there was a white box at the table which I recognized because I have it in my garage. It is a box I received from a Ministry called Alimenta Mis Ovejas (Feed my Sheep). As I was going to open the box, I saw, through the corner of my eye, people coming down the staircase. I knew they were the heroes that were in the bus. I felt relief because they were alive, but I knew they were hurt and tired. I didn’t see any physical injuries, but they looked exhausted. 2 came down the staircase and walked away, but I didn’t see them, I just felt people walking down the stairs, when I then started to really pay attention who was coming down. I then saw a beautiful woman wearing a cape and an outfit that was all white/pearl or very light silver. She was completely covered in that color, so her skin, clothes and shoes were the same color. She had long blond hair, a little over her shoulders. She was tired and at the bottom of the staircase she collapsed on the floor. She looked mystical. Another person came to help her up and help her walk away. They both went the same way the other people went, opposite corridor of where the explosion took place. As I saw that scene, I am holding on to the box and I opened it when suddenly a man who I knew was evil, maybe the person who survived the bus or the one who escaped, was near me and he became interested in the box. The box contained items to do forensic work, like a brown bottle of a liquid, gloves, droppers and some paperwork. The man became very interested in the bottle. I don’t know how or why the bottle got near my mouth, maybe as we were struggling because he tried getting it from me. I tasted whatever was in the bottle because the cap touched my lips. I knew the liquid was dark, it tasted sour and it reminded me of mercury, betadine or iodine. Then someone got the man away from me, I am not sure if he was arrested. Then I looked at the staircase again and I saw Clark Kent dressed as Superman. This superman was Tom Welling. His custom was bright blue and red, as if he was using it for the first time. It was spotless, super clean and it looked brand new. He got to the bottom of the staircase and he also collapsed. But then I saw another man, dressed exactly like him and he helped him up and got him up on his feet. So there were 2 Superman (Clark Kent- Tom Welling). Then the superman who had collapsed was up leaning on his twin and he looked at the man who tried stealing the bottle, the criminal, who was being restrained, and Superman said some words to him, but I didn’t understand because it was a different language. It was as if I could see close captions of what Tom was saying and I read something like, “Kahalh, Kahlah, Kahal or Kalah" (It’s interesting because Kalah means to be completed, at the end, finished, accomplished in Hebrew). He said it twice to the criminal. The other Superman helped the tired Superman walk away and they went through the same direction the other heroes took. Then I made sure I had the box with me but I thought I needed to protect it, specially the bottle and I was thinking where I should hide it so no one could find it because that bottle was important for the forensic work I had to do, when suddenly I felt the criminal trying again to get the bottle from me, but this time he was restrained and then taken away. Apparently, I was going to be part of a team who would work on the bus evidence. I was thinking about my job, what I should do when suddenly Madea came near me (Tyler Perry’s character). I recognized her but I don’t recall being able to see her, it was more as I felt who she was. I said “Hi sweetie” or something like that. She said, “Why don’t you call me by my name?” I responded, “because I don’t know how to pronounce it.” She said, “That’s fine, you can call me whatever you want”. I told her about the bottle and the man trying to steal it from me and she said something about how he won’t bother me again. I woke up.


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  1. Job3315
    And the bad guys were to my left*