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A Few Experiences During The Jesus Prayer

  1. So I have made this blog primarily to record my thoughts, experiences and insights gained when I pray. In some cases, I have experiences into which I have very little insight, but want to document them lest I forget (which is not difficult with my memory!). So today, I have no wisdom, but just a writing down of two experiences that occurred while I prayed the Jesus Prayer.

    One of the things that has happened I would have written off as just not feeling well if it had happened once, but since it has now happened twice, it seems reasonable to record it. On these two occasions, during prayer, I have developed overwhelming dizziness (both lightheaded and vertigo, it seemed) with generalized weakness and nausea. Each time it lasted only a few minutes and I felt fine the rest of the day. These two events were separated by at least a month of time. The first occurrence was so overwhelming that I had to stop praying and lay down. On the second occasion, I was able to continue my prayers and this feeling eventually subsided, though it certainly was a distraction to focusing on my prayer.

    The other distraction that happened on one occasion was that it seemed all of my past sin was brought up before me in vivid detail, and I was overcome emotionally with guilt and sorrow, weeping, such that all I could do was to cry out even more, “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner”. Nevertheless, this was also a distraction, successfully breaking my focus on the prayer and He to Whom I was praying...turning me away from seeking Him to thinking of myself. But at the time, it was certainly an antidote to any pride I might have felt, reminding me of my sinful nature, so I guess it was still good.

    About Author

    Trying to take a few steps forward, but falling down frequently.

    Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.
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  1. “Paisios”
    I am grateful that the Lord granted me a lightness of spirit and a brief mental clarity today during my prayer. It was a welcome refreshment!

    Interesting that this morning I was reading Archimandrite Sophrony’s Striving for Knowledge of God, and came across this: “do not desire visions...even at the time of visions. There is only one contemplation and vision to which we must aspire with all our strength: the vision of our sin. We need nothing more...for salvation...repentance for the sins that we see is implicit in this”.
  2. pilgrimage
    It looks to me that in asking for mercy He is giving you things to recieve mercy from, since that is what you are seeking. Perhaps in contrast you may try the non-litargic way of saying the Jesus prayer that is "Lord Jesus I love You, I worship you, I adore You" and compare the difference when you are not asking for anything but simply putting yourself in the place of receiving. I would be interested in viewing the results of such a test.
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    1. “Paisios”
      Thank you for your thoughts and perspective.
      It seems that most of the “experiences” I have occur during liturgical prayer, but I don’t only use liturgical prayers. I have a set morning prayer routine as a framework, but pray in less formal ways at other times, and even my liturgical prayers often have some addditions for specific concerns that I may have. But perhaps I will take your suggestion and try it out. Thank you.
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