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A Curse, Or A Blessing?

  1. I'm a compulsive truth teller.
    I can't help but to do so in life. Even if I know that I will get in trouble, or people will take me the wrong way, or I will have to suffer because of it.

    I find it as a Curse personally. No. I don't think I'm anything special.
    No, I don't think I have any special powers.

    It's just that my life seems to always be filled with irony. The more I am around a person/people, place or thing, the more truth's seem to gets exposed around me. Partially, I do believe because of my honest and straight forwardness.

    Thee other main part, is that I'm willing to do, what most people aren't.
    I'm willing to sacrifice my life, for the sake of something that I believe in morally and ethically, and I've already done so in life.

    In most cases, when the truth's were exposed, as a result, innocent people were protected. To me, it would be logical, and rational, if this had only happened maybe once, twice or even three times in my lifetime. But when over my lifetime, thing after thing happen on a regular basis, then it becomes more than just "ironic". To me it becomes something more.

    I am simply curious, what God has in store for me? and what his will for me is...?

    If you're reading this now, and you're a pastor, or know a pastor on this site. Or someone that does God's work, I'd Love to hear your opinion, about how you knew God had chose you, and what signs did he give you? How did you know what field to go into specifically?

    Hi. My name is Peter, but my friends call me Pete.
    In other Biblical terms, my name means Rock and also Simon. That is what my screen name is about.


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  1. godhasmynumber
    traffic violations IS NOT BREAKING THE LAW, its NOT LAW to begin with.
  2. Stone-n-Steel
    Have you been to local law enforcement to notify them of all traffic violations you have committed? This would include Jay walking or lane changes where you did not use a turn signal. These incidents are violations of the law and you need to get a ticket for each.

    I don't mean to be silly, but have you challenged this truth telling characteristic.