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A Big Deal!

  1. So last night, we cleared out the living room of movies and games, except for autistic son's tablet. We told him it was time to focus more on Jesus and less time to waste watching stuff on TV. He has only asked a couple times this evening to watch Paw Patrol which he was OK with being said no to! :openmouth: I even had those videos in my kitchen and he knows that's "mom territory" and doesn't touch them unless I say he can. lol He has done all that has been expected of him today in regards to assigning him chores!! So right now, I'm permitting him time on his tablet. :blush: But the fact that the TV... THE TV! Has not been on. At all. ALL DAY! :swoon:

    Funny thing son says though, "Wait til Jesus is over." Which he thinks this will be just a temporary thing. So I remind him that Jesus is FOREVER and he gets a little bit nervous! lol Just like he'll tolerate going to church because he knows church will be over within an hour so he associates this like that. Well, I'm not cold-hearted and although I have things set aside so it's out of sight, out of mind, in hopes he will become less obsessive, I will permit him things when he asks and if he's done his chores first. It's really tough being a parent to a person like this. I have my theories as to why he's so child-like but I need to research more before I can just blurt things out. But more and more I'm finding out about certain traits among family generational lines. Kinda like Peter Pan, the boy who would never grow up. It's easy to infantalize someone like this, so what our job now is to reverse infantalism and treat him even more adult-like which, yes, can be tough. Old habits can die hard but we know we can defeat this! He's already showing some improvement! :clap:


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  1. Darkhorse
    Wow! My sons have different forms of autism, and the younger one loves Paw Patrol, even though he's in his 20s. I've also found that assigning chores with a wide time limit to complete them works much better than insisting that he does them RIGHT NOW.

    Yes, it's demanding, but we need to guide them towards what works.
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    1. *LILAC
      The other day I caught my son in the bathroom, staring at the bath tub. I asked him if he wanted to clean it. He said yes, so I handed him the spray and scrub sponge and let him have at it! He makes alot more effort now than he used to! He's doing more laundry and dishes and chasing the cat with the vacuum cleaner! ^_^
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