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  1. Knowing God Through Answered Prayer - Steps 1, 2, 3

    God has heard your prayer and laid out your answer for you to live through.
  2. What Just Happened To Me?

    Things are changing in my life, Im changing. And its a bit scary, I admit, but thrilling-exciting at the same time What are You up to God? I don't know, but its going to be amazing. Tonight I was cooking and stabbing pain hit me in my stomach and I doubled over. It only lasted a moment but it had me concerned. I've been having abdominal pain for a few weeks now. It usually comes with some discomfort and it's usually right before I wake up when I start to turn in my sleep. Sometimes it is...
  3. Merry Christmas From Multi!

    Merry Christmas to all of CF today, from me and my character Multi the husky. :) This is my Christmas gift to you!
  4. Something Ive Noticed

    ..I'm doing a LOT better ... I don't live in the anxiety/depression forums anymore... I think once I saw progress with my life. Job,Working+License... I felt less stuck and blue. I'm just happy things finally changed ,my mood is better and my threads aren't all painted with a blue brush... I'm so happy I'm in a better place :) I can honestly say driving is one of my favorite things to do now.... Like I love driving at night with the moon hanging in the sky...its nice and helps me...
  5. My Story

    Hello, my name is Christina. I am going to share with you my story of coming to know God and His purpose for my life. My testimony. Lets start with that I was raised in a Catholic family. It was just me and my mother and brother. We went to church when my brother and I were little. That's it. Aside from that we never learned the bible and in fact, "God" was a swear in our house. There was also very little love. Ok, like none. I was never hugged, kisses, told I love you. No affection. My...
  6. Hold On - When The Road Seems Long And The Climb Is Steep

    I'm writing this blog entry literally with tears in my eyes. Since I've been back on CF. I have seen so many posts from so many who are suffering, physically, emotionally, financially, feeling hopeless, unwanted, so devastated. Maybe I've been blind to it a long time, wrapped up in my own thoughts and my own life. Some days it seems I lack the energy to handle more than that. But the sheer force of the heart-break has just hit me right now and I'm sitting here thinking not only about those...
  7. The Danger Of Feeling A Victim

    Sorry I know some of you have had some terrible trauma in the past. I'm writing this for my own sake really. Forgiveness I find elusive at times. I can repeat conversations I had in the past from years ago in my head, where I felt treated unfairly, scorned, spoken to with contempt, ridiculed, humiliated. I just felt like a loser and some of those people who I really looked up to, I had on a pedestal. So it hurt more. I am oversensitive by nature perhaps, which doesn't help. Yet there were...
  8. How Not To Proselytize

    Sometimes attempts at proselytizing go poorly. Here's some advice from a non-Christian point of view.
  9. God's Perfect Timing

    I have been a bit hesitant in posting this one. But here goes nada. I appreciate any feedback. A few days ago I took my kids to the playground. There is a large section of rocks, just rocks (something was there once upon a time). My four year old son and an older boy were playing in these rocks. The older boy told my son he was making a pie. He gathered a mound of rocks between his feet and started stirring them. "See, this is how you make a pie." the boy told my son, sprinkling more rocks...
  10. Yoga "workouts" & My Experience: A Testimony

    I'll start with this by saying I grew up in a Christian home. Got baptized, married and had children young in life. We were blessed with a special needs son and 2 other children. As any special needs parent knows, life can be a bit rough and tough. As the years went on and school years for the kids began, the problems that went on at school with my special needs son, seemed endless. Always, one thing after another would pop up, it was so hard to deal with. I was always stressed out! Well, I...
  11. I Passed :)

    The semester ended for me.. May 1st and Im happy to say I passed both my classes. It was hard to pull off when I crossed over to full-time at my job ( unwillingly due to a coworker suddenly quitting) And then add moving to the mix... I really didn't think I was gonna pass at all. Especially when I came home wiped out from work every day. But God is good and it's over ...praise God. This was my fourth try passing anatomy lol and it's finally done...no more dissections, no more heavy...
  12. Moving Fast :)

    Man I feel really proud of myself... 2018 is off to a good start. I have insursnce on my car and its pretty low too...100 a month.. So I'm back in my own car... I'm in school now ( I have an exam in 3 wks I need to study for lol) I'm interviewing for another job, which will hopefully be my 2nd job... And me and my brother will be moving out soon...its crazy. ...things are changing for thr better and theyre changing fast too ... I'm really happy ..God is doing a really quick work it...
  13. Torture

    I am praying for a world without torture. Because I was tortured, it helps me to read torture survivors stories- i realize I am not alone. Many tortures are much worse than mine. It shows me that it was not my fault that I was tortured. I am praying for the day when all torture is ended and Jesus heals all those broken by torture.
  14. Cf Pharisees Meeting

    OK thank you for coming tonight. Take a seat. Now as you know our job is to point out others' faults and get them back on track. That seems to be on target. Well done. Our hypocrisy levels are through the roof which is great news. We almost broke a record for last month. I really like how some of you have a walk which is diametrically opposite to your talk. Sensational! What talent we have on board here. Now one area of improvement I can see needs addressing. If we can just emphasise the...