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Walking together in unity

Discussion in 'Christian Forums Blogs' started by carolyn haynes, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. greetings in the name of Jesus Christ.we must walk in unity with each other in order to fullfill the love of God.in the last 3 chapters of ephesians, paul admonished us to walk in unity.read chapter4:1-16. read verse3. it says;endeavoring to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace.walking in purity;read ephesians 4:17,&5:17.walking in harmony read also,5:18,&6:9. to walk in victory read 6:10-24. the word therefore indicates that paul is boasting his extortations of duty on the doctrines taught in the first 3 chapters. the word beseech meansthat God in love urges us to live for his glory.
    #1 walk in unity, 4:1-16
    (a) acting like who we are- identity and actions go together.
    1.who we are affects how we act. the first 3 chapters, paul is telling us who we are."you're a child of God".act like one!" we should manifest the spiritual unity by being united in our actions. walk worthy of your calling.
    (b)characteristics that yeild unity
    1.humility-means to subordinates yourself to God and to others. willing to accept God as the supreme authority in your life.
    (a) rather than insisting on being your own authority.
    (b)christians cannot be satisfied in a context of individualism and isolation.
    2.meekness is power under control. moses was the meekest man on earth, yet he challenged the throne of egypt.
    3.patience is believing that God's timetable is good,and willingness to wait on God.
    4.forbearance is love that is willing to wait on someone or something in a spirit of love,and a committment of my will to benefit others.
    5.endeavoring is to be eager to guard the unity of the spirit of peace.
    (c)seven spiritual realities that unites all believers;read ephesians4:4-6
    1. one body- refers to the body of Christ, the invisible church.
    2.one spirit - the same holy spirit that dwells in every believer.
    3.one hope-Christ's resurrection ensures the belivers of the resurrected to life.
    4.one lord-the church recieves salvation and marching orders from the Lord Jesus Christ.
    5.one faith-is the crucified, resurrected Lord is the object on that faith. body one settled body of truth.
    6.one baptism-water baptism identifies the person as belonging to christ and becoming a part of the local body of believers.
    7.one God-this ties the church to it's jewish heritage.the worship of one God unites the church.oneness of believers in the family of God.
    (d)giver of gifts is Christ through the holy spirit.read ephesians 4:7-10
    1.he ascended to heaven as victor forevermore.the picture of a military conqueror leading his captives and sharing the spoils with his followers. only in this case, the captives are not his enemies, but his own who was once captive by satan.
    2.when he came to earth, Christ experienced the depths of humiliation, but then he acsended to heaven.
    3.descended to hell?-read 1 peter 2:19-20,matthew27:52-53
    (e)gifts for unity read ephesians4:7-11. diversity of the body.gifts are for the unifying and edifying of the church. a spiritual gift is a God- given ability to serve God and others. believers are edified.three lists of spiritual gifts given in the new testament.read 1 corinthians12:4-11,12:27-31,romans 12:3-8,ephesians4:11. paul names, not so much the gifts as the gifted men of God has placed in the church.
    (1)apostles-one who is sent with a commision. they walked with Christ and were witnesses of his ressurection. these men laid the foundation of the church. read ephesians2:20. once the foundation was laid they were no longer needed. God authenticated their ministry with special miracles, so we should'nt demand these same miracles today./
    2.prophets-were specially gifted men.they sometimes spoke revelations from God and sometimes expounded on the revelations from God.
    3.evangelists-bearers of good news.they have a special gift and burden for reaching the lost.
    4.pastors-teachers-sheperds of the flock and teachers of the word.they protect and feed the flock.read 1peter5:1-4
    (f)growth for unity read ephesians4:12-16.
    1.Christ likeness, full spiritual maturity.
    2.stability- not tossed about by every religious novelty.
    3.truth held in love; brutality-vs-hypocrisy.
    4.cooperation-we belong to each other, we affect each other.