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Thank You Lord

Discussion in 'Christian Forums Blogs' started by mom4God, May 14, 2006.

  1. mom4God

    mom4God New Member

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    Lord, You have done so much for us and I just want to praise You Holy Name. Without You Lord, I would not be here...for You are my creator and my Savior Lord. There are so many things in my life to give thanks for, and I would like to give them to You now Lord.....

    1. Thank You Lord for giving Your only begotten Son (Jesus Christ) to die on the cross for my sins.

    2. Thank You Lord for saving my soul...and making me whole.

    3. Thank You Lord for giving me a loving and caring husband...a husband that loves his family enough to show it.

    4. Thank You Lord for our son that You have given to us...he is so precious Lord...and we love him with all our hearts.

    5. Thank You Lord for all my friends Lord...I don't have many...but thank You for the ones I do have. ​

    6. Thank You for our Pastor Lord...for sending someone to us that cares about other people.​

    7. Thank You Lord for my eye's...for I can see where some people can not.​

    8. Thank You Lord for my ears...for I can hear...where some people are death.​

    9. Thank You Lord for my mouth...some people can not speak, Lord...so I thank You for giving me speech Lord.​

    10. Thank You Lord for my arms...for without them I wouldn't be able to do so many things.​

    11. Thank You Lord for my feet...for I am able to walk where some people can not move at all.​

    12. Thank You Lord for my health...I may be on meds Lord...but I could have it a lot worse than I do...so I thank You Lord.​

    13. Thank You Lord for making us the way You would have us be...some people think that You have made a mistake...but I know that is impossible Lord...Because You are Perfect in every way Lord...and therefore You do not make mistakes.​

    14. Thank You Lord for our home...because there are a lot of people that have no home Lord.​

    15. Thank You Lord for our food...for some people have no food.​

    Thank You Lord for our Christian radio station Lord...for some people have no Christian radio to listen to Lord.

    16. Thank You Lord for our car...for without it we would not be able to go to church and worship You.​

    17. Thank You Lord for my husbands job Lord...for without it we would not be able to pay bills and keep a roof over our head Lord.​

    18. Thank You Lord for the Dr's...for without them many would be very sick...if not dead.​

    19. Thank You Lord for the air that I breath...without it Lord, we wouldn't be able to live.​

    20. Thank You Lord for allowing us to be parents Lord...I am so glad that we are able to have a child that You have given to us...and to enjoy having our child around us Lord...there are many parents that only wish they could get rid of them Lord...or kill them before they even have a chance at life...some people just do not care Lord...(Please save them Lord, before it is to late).

    21. Thank You Lord for Your written Word...there are a lot of people that have no bible at all Lord...and there are some that aren't even allowed to read it Lord.​

    22. Thank You Lord for all the animals...for without them we wouldn't have pets to love and care for...or even meat to eat.​

    23. Thank You Lord for creating the whole world in just one week Lord...there is no one that could ever do what You did.​

    24. Thank You Lord for our son's teacher's Lord...some people do not think that being a teacher is hard...but there is more to it than what people think Lord...it's a lot harder than it looks.​

    25. Thank You Lord for all the preacher's that still use the OLD King James Version Lord...there are some preachers out there that use what ever feels good.

    26. Thank You Lord for the weather...I may not like the heat...but I still thank You for it Lord...because if it can get that hot here on earth, I can only imagine how much hotter it is in hell. (I am so glad that I am saved! Thank You Lord.)​

    27. Thank You Lord for all the tree's and flowers...without the tree's Lord there wouldn't be paper to write on...and if we didn't have flowers Lord, people wouldn't have anything pretty to look at or plant in their flower garden.​

    28. Thank You Lord for the rain we are receiving today...only You know when we really need the rain Lord...and only You know what the weather is really going to be like Lord, because You are the creator of the weather.​

    29. Thank You Lord for always being there for us...and never turning Your back on us, like some of us do to You.​

    30. Thank You Lord for being such a forgiving God...a lot of us do not forgive each other as we should...and some of us have trouble forgiving our selves.​

    31. Thank You Lord for watching over us and protecting us.

    32. Thank You Lord for always keeping Your Promise to us...when I see the rainbow it remind me of the flood...and the promise that You made to never destroy the world with another flood.​

    33. Thank You Lord for giving me another day to worship You...some people did not wake up this morning Lord...so I thank You for watching over us and giving us another day Lord.​

    34. Thank You Lord for saving my daddy before he passed away...who ever knew that he was going to go to glory earlier this yr Lord.​

    35. Thank You Lord for giving me the chance to know my husbands parents before they passed away Lord...I miss both of them...but especially mom, because we were so close...but I know that one day we will see them again.​

    36. Thank You Lord for all the things that are wrong with me Lord...because I know that You would never put on me more than I can handle...as long as I have You Lord, I know that all will be fine in the end.​

    37. Thank You Lord for never changing...You are always the same, a never changing God...I thank You for that Lord.​

    38. Thank You Lord for loving all of us...no matter what we have done...You always love us and await patiently for us to come to You and ask for forgiveness no matter what it is...because with You, no sin is so big that You can not forgive us for it.​

    Thought for the week:
    Sometimes we are so busy adding up troubles that we don't have time to count our blessings.

    Verse for the week:

    O give thanks to the Lord of Lord's: for His mercy endureth for ever. (Psalm 136:3) K.J.V.