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Txeagle 6th December 2011 10:39 AM

The Dark ages.
It's been years since the destruction of the Unkown evil. The group have gone their seperate ways and not kept in touch in any way. Noled had settled down and was living by him self now in a small town about three four days travel from Destindor,where the ruler of the lands currently resided. Noled was a sword maker and ver good one at that. Every sword wielding creature came to him to for custom well made swords. He had inherited the sword making trait from his long lost father. Another well known hero and sword maker. That was a long time ago though. Noled had gotten older though and had grown past the times of adventure. He alone with everyone else in the world had grown acustomed to the peace and saftey of life. Untillnow. A new ruler has taken his place in Destinsdor and was taking away every freedom that the people had ever known. That included the ability to keep weapons..or make them. He was arresting every weapon maker in the country and Noled was first on that list.
(TELL ME WHAT YA'LL THINK. I can tell ya'll what I see happening to if ya'll want. This RP is directed towards people i've rped with in the past. That being said if you'r new and want a part of this PM me and we can talk. Thanks)

smilez43 10th December 2011 05:34 PM

Sapphire and Mariella now lived together after having defeated the unknown evil and they lived in the same town that Noled works in, and they both buy swords from time to time from him, unbenounced to the danger that was lurking in the air. Sapphire was now fully trained with sais, and Mariella decided to give up the bow, and was now trained with a sword, and at this moment, she had Noled making a special one just for her. ((Is that Ok Noled???))

Katalia 11th December 2011 07:53 AM

Ever since the many years had passed of the unknown evil's defeat, Evangelene had gone back to her home and old friends. She had also gotten ownership of Phidra's mountain house and made it her own vacation home. Now she owns a business making and selling maps and treasures. Almost like a pawn and antique shop to call her own. She still misses and remembers all the others and her adventures. Eve has not been in contact with the most of them, but wasn't even that far off from them either. She did miss Noled most of all, having really liking him and still had those feelings for all these years. But she knew she might of needed to move on if she never really saw him, even though she never wanted to let go of those feelings. She had hope.

Eve was at her shop sweeping to get ready to open, when a man walked up. It was one of her childhood friends that grew up to be a jerk and a womanizer. (Think of....Gaston from Beauty and the Beast if you will. lol) He eyed her smirking some. "Well well,....Evangelene! Nice to see you,....again." He winked and leaned up against the wall of the shop. "Don't you look as wonderful as ever, always."
Eve gave him an annoyed look and stopped sweeping. "What do you want, Tristan?" She asked him.
"Oh come, now, Eve. All I wanted to come here for is to say hello....." He then pulled out some roses from behind his back, "and ask you on a date tonight."
Eve rolled her eyes and started to sweep again. "No thanks..." She replied.
Tristan then looked appalled for a moment before lifting his chest up then wrapping his arm around her shoulders. "Eve, Eve, you aren't still thinking about that other man, are you? He's long gone. Can't you just try to move on?" He asked somewhat in a cocky tone. Eve just pushed him off.
"Good day, Tristan." She then walked to the door and flipped the closed sign to open and then forcefully gave him a smile before shutting the door behind her then sighed. She then looked over on her wall to a picture of all of them from years ago and looked away. "Oh, Noled..."

(Aaaaahhhh, that felt good. *pops knuckles* I sure missed this.)

Txeagle 11th December 2011 12:43 PM

(((this Is Gonna Be Aweseom!!)))

Txeagle 11th December 2011 12:52 PM

(That's fine)The day was done. The sun was setting and a long day of work was over. Noled looked around his shop, his eyes resting on a sword hanging in the back of the shop. The sun glinting off of it making it shine like a candle in the night. The sword held a lot of memories for him. It was the only thing he had from the past. He missed his friends Vangle..Eve...especially eve. He still had some contact with others though and enjoyed seeing them when he could. As the memories flashed through his head he wondered if he would ever see them again. As noled continued cleaning up there was a knock at the door. "Sorry closed for the day. Come back tomorrow!" Noled continued to clean as the knock turned into a banging. Breathing a heavy sigh Noled trudged over to the door and opened it. "I said were-" Three guards stood at the door in a triangular formation. The two on the sides with swords the one in the middle had cuffs. Noled stood there silently his hands hanging to his sides a grim expression on his faec. "Noled you are under arrest for selling and making dangerous weapons." Like there are any other kind. Noled thought. "You will be taken with us to the castle and put into prison untill the king seems fit to let you go." He had two options. One was to go with them like he was suppost to and lawfully bidden to do. The second was to run. "I am disinclined to acquiesce your request," The guards stood there a little confused. "Means no." With that Noled slammed the door shut and ran back into his house grabbing the needed belongings. His fathers sword a pack full of emergency equipment with a gift in it, and the sword that he had just finsihed. He burst through his back door and started off on another adventure.

Katalia 11th December 2011 10:14 PM

((Found Eve\'s profile and edited it. The age was 15 and since we\'re skipping many years, I made her 20, so that would be....5 years. O-o Anyway, here it is. lol

The day went by and it was time to close up shop. Eve was wiping down the counters when she heard the sound of the bell tingle from the door opening. Looking up, Eve brightened a smile. "Aaron! So nice to see you again." She walked around the counter to go to him in a hug. "Soooo? How's the family?" She asked with a slight giggle. Aaron smiled. "The wife's great and so are the twins." He replied showing Eve a picture of his two boys that were the age of two. "We're also getting ready for another one as well." He raised a hand to put on the back of his neck to look away shyly blushing. "Oh, Aaron, that's wonderful!" She motioned him to the back. "C'mon, let's come on back." She said.

Aaron still had been the Admiral of his town not far off. Got married a couple years after the unknown evil happenings also having twins. Eve and Aaron were still good friends and sometimes Aaron helped Eve with her business and the shop. "I brought you something, Eve." He told her holding out a bag. It was Evangelene's favorite sandwich from when she first came to Aaron's town and still has been her favorite ever since. She opened the bag and smiled big. "Thanks, Aaron, you always know what I like." She replied and set it down at a small table with two chairs. "Sit down and make yourself comfy. I'll be right back." She told him. Aaron sat down and waited.

Eve came back with a tray of tea and set it down on the table before sitting to eat her sandwich. She took a bite and swallowed. "So what else brings you here besides coming to say hi, huh?" She asked tilting her head. Aaron pointed to a bag beside him that he brought. "I brought some more things for your shop to sell if you like. And I also wanted to ask how the sales have been going." Eve hesitated to reply and looked away somewhat with a frown. "They came back to collect the taxes the other day.....The shops going downhill, Aaron, and I don't have the money to keep it. I can't just give it up..." Aaron put a hand on her's. "No worries, Eve I'm sure we'll think of something." He replied smiling softly. He looked down and sighed before standing up. "I must be off......I promised the boys I would be home before dinner." He told her. Eve stood up and nodded. "I understand. Thanks for the food and antiques, Aaron." She replied leading him out of the shop.

Aaron went on his way back home and Eve turned the "Open" sign to "Closed" before locking up. She went on to her own home to rest. The days felt longer and she was getting more tired.

Txeagle 14th December 2011 11:28 AM

(you make that yourself?)
The moon was full and bright in the midnight sky. There was a chill about the air with a slight breeze making it seem like the leeves were dancing about the ground. Noled walked throught the trees silently having no idea where he was going. He didn't expect to be on another adventure so soon, or at all for that matter.It was even worse this go round though. Running from the law by himself. With no one to help him or keep him company. There was a clearing up ahead and his pace quickened as he saw houses and buildings up ahead. Coming into the clearing he stopped and starred at the village contemplating. Going into civilization meant a chance of being caught. With that being said he needed a place to stay. It was getting cold and it was going to get even colder as the winter trudged on. He walked along behind the buildings trying the doors and windows to see if any were unlocked. Alas there was none to be found. He eventually came across a shop in the midddle of the town. He looked inside and saw different antiquites of sorts. Back in the day he used to be able to use and control magic. Inherited it from his elven dad. Noled was only part elven and he hadnt used magic in ages so it was almost gone. He would just have to do it the old fashioned way. He reached into his bag and grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his fist and smashed the window open with a large crash. "Yeah...that wasn't a good idea." He whispered. He reached in unlocked the door and slipped inside hoping no one would investigate.(IF I HAVENT MADE IT CLEAR IJUST BROKE INTO YOUR SHOP KAT)

Katalia 14th December 2011 05:37 PM

(What do you mean by making that myself? Of course I did, silly. That was the profile from when I first made her those years ago, but fixed it a little. lol, and O-o You're gonna pay for that! :P)

The sound of broken glass woke Eve right up. Her house was connected behind the shop, so it would be heard loud and clear. Shooting up from her bed, she grabbed a frying pan that she hid under her pillow for cases like this. She krept out of her room in her night gown down the stairs to the back room of the shop. She peeked in the doorway. It was dark, but she could see a dark figure by the door and heard footsteps. She gulped quietly and slowly krept up to the dark figure.

Raising up her frying pan up high above her head, Eve reached over for the nearby lamp to turn the light on. "Hyaaaaaaaaa-!" She was just about to hit him over the head with the frying pan, but stopped herself. She felt like she knew the guy standing right before her. "What do you want? I got this, and I'm not afraid to use it!" She snapped shaking the pan that she held next to her face. "Take anything you want...Just go." She added in a worried tone.

Txeagle 15th December 2011 10:38 AM

"AHHH!! Whoah lady please hang on a moment I don't wanna steal nothing!" Noled stood there his back to the what sounded like a woman with his hands over his head. He slowly turned around. "Hey I'm sorry, I didn't mea-" His voice trailed off into a distance as his scanned the face in front of him. His jaw dropping he took a step back then forward then back again. "Eve...?" He whispered quietly. Running his hands through his hair he walked in a lil circle stopped and looked at the woman threating him with a frying pan. "Is it you?"((lol my bad!))

Katalia 17th December 2011 07:11 AM

((Rofl! I'm just having too much fun with this.))

Eve just glared at Noled still having the pan ready to swing at him any moment. Her glare turned into a confused look when he began pacing in a circle. "Wait..." She looked down before giving a glare again. "How do you know my name, you-?!" She stopped and gave him a curious look somewhat squinting her eyes. "...Noled?" She whispered. "How....But...What..." She let out some air and dropped the pan. She looked down and her bangs covered her eyes. She balled her hands into fists. "What....on earth do you think you were doing?! You scared me half to death, Noled!" She snapped looking at him as her eyes began to water.

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