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Last Activity:
Sep 2, 2015 at 5:02 AM
Nov 27, 2010
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On the path of the Esoteric, from Гимры

Za'atar was last seen:
Sep 2, 2015 at 5:02 AM
    1. TheOliveSeed
    2. TheOliveSeed
      HEY Z!! No, I haven't seen them... yet. I just moved to another province a few days ago and luckily, there're three cities here where they're seen, so I can definitely do that this year!!!

      Happy New Year, btw!!!
    3. Sister of Faith
      Sister of Faith
      Wa Aleikom Salaam Brother!
      I am fine...Al Humdulilaah..
      Today I went to the dentist after more than 22 years!
      I had two hard experience that's why I hate this kind of visit..
      You talk like Muslims... what's up?!
      Come here.. be my friend on facebook..
    4. RayofSun
      You're such a crazy Z. I absolutely love it. :D :D
      And glad to hear you'll still be around on Skype. You'll have to give me a poke every now and again when you have time.
    5. chuck77
      Happy New Year Z! :) I've been doing good. Been working and what not. Pretty cold here right now but thats ok.
      Hope you've been doing well man :)
    6. leothelioness
      Awesome. :cool: I'd much rather listen to music from the old days than anything that's on the radio now.
    7. leothelioness
      I need to do something, too. I'm getting too lazy. :D I'm just going to try and relax a bit this weekend, though.

      How about you?
    8. leothelioness
      Hey, Z! I'm good, how are you? :)

      Haha, yeah that's a psychedelic version of the Dark Side prism. It's pretty cool. :D
    9. Za'atar
      I'd love to see their expressions when they find out who I really am, a face of old returned from the dark abyss :ahah:
    10. Za'atar
      Ok ok, I do not think you should reveal yourself just yet. Maybe they are not ready for the return of you yet. In time, in time...
    11. Toro
      Re Rep: Thanks, I had to shave underneath so it would lay flat. That was mostly just hair from the top of my head from what I remember.

      I was sad when I first started shaving my head, but I grew to love it. For one thing I can roll out of bed and look exactly the same. :D
    12. Cute Tink
      Cute Tink
      Merry Christmas Za'atar and you're welcome :)
    13. Orange Crow
      Orange Crow
      Lol it's funny to see Elisabeth saying that you're from the Netherlands ^_^ made me laugh ^_^
    14. Orange Crow
      Orange Crow
      Thanks! :) Merry Christmas!
    15. mojoboy31
      Re rep: lol :D
    16. Quieted
      Thank you! ^_^
    17. Elizabeth8393
      Re: Rep

      Wait, we do have the same God? What was all that about you not being a believer, then?

    18. Elizabeth8393
      By the way, I really enjoy the way you talk. It's very elegant.
    19. Elizabeth8393
      Oh I know right?! And the majority of what you see from Minas Tirith is just a set the size of an inverted van.

      Oh! That's where I got that from. My bad!

      I totally get what you mean. Before the summer I went out to a nearby beach and just sat there on a rock, watching the waves softly lap against the shore. There is such an amazing peace to be found just from being still in nature. It really gives me assurance that God is always there. I love fog, thunderstorms, windstorms and even rain.

      When I get my own place I'll have a cherry blossom tree, or two, and loads of lavender at every window.

      Oh I know right?! I would love to visit Germany, the Czech Republic, Turkey as well, any and everywhere else possible. I also want to go to Russia. I love traveling, I'm a gypsy at heart.
    20. Elizabeth8393
      I can see that. Still, I'd listen to all the little details about the place if it meant being able to be among all the hobbit holes there!

      Oh! Okay, sorry about that. I thought you were from the Netherlands, lol. Oh I love nature. I can't ever get over the beauty of mountains, plains, oceans, and just how wonderful everything is. My favorite flower is lavender.

      Europe is so amazing! I was in France for a month, working at a youth camp during the summer of 2012, and I loved how aged everything is. The history of everything was amazing. I had the delight of celebrating Bastille Day while I was there, and the fireworks show was incredible!

      Where all would you go in Europe?
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  • About

    Fav. Books:
    The Bible, Nart Sagas, Shahnameh: Persian Book of Kings, The Count of Monte Cristo, Classical Literature
    Bible Version:
    Aramaic/English Interlinear
    Marital Status:
    Current Prayer Requests:
    Pray for all those who are persecuted for Yeshua's sake, for forgiveness to those who persecute others and for those who yet to have come into the light.
    Origin of the Life View:
    Old Earth Creation
    Zee bhaad-i- tuooo tabaa hum man
    Ghoobaar-e roe rah hum man
    Ghareb-o- be guna hum man
    Aseer-e- dardoha hum man
    Ghareb-o- be pana hum man
    Aseer-e dardoha hum man
    Nametanum k begrezam
    Daren ghum khana tanha yam
    Agar che balo par daram
    Walay zangeer bar payhum
    Nametanum k begrezam
    Daren ghum khana tanha yam
    Agar che balo par daram
    Walay zangeer bar payhum
    Khateerat hast k maigufti
    Tura tanha tura daram
    Walay harf i droghat ra bawaaar nadaarrumm
    Man az hur che k kdarm, tuhi tanha tuhi yaram
    Faght ra man talab garaum
    Baz aye kaharum
    Tanha nazaarrum
    Khudaya dast-e- hasrat raaaaaa ze damanat na may-giraum
    Wo-ya dar koie tanhayee qalandar war maymeeraum
    Khudaya dast-e- hasrat raaaaaa ze damanat na may-giraum
    Wo-ya dar koie tanhayee qalandar war maymeeraum

    Music, Guitar, Writing (Lyrics & Poetry), Films, Reading, Photography, Travel, Life, History (Archaeology).


    There is a Silence where the soul may meet its God
    And there the fountain of wisdom is
    And all who enter are immersed in light
    And filled with wisdom, love and power
    They may at once
    At any time
    Flung wide the door
    And find the Silence
    Find the house of God
    It is within the soul - Yuzu Asaph
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