1. Saying Goodbye to a Great Staffer: Edial
    Please help me wish Edial a wonderful blessed journey as he steps down from CF staff.
    His footprint on our ministry will always remain but his presence will be greatly missed. I'm sure he will come around as a member to all his favorite forums but for now please join me at his profile page to wish him many thanks for the years of service he has brought to us all.
    All of us on CF staff will miss him dearly!!
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Feb 7, 2014
Jan 26, 2012
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Mar 3, 1994 (Age: 21)
South East Queensland, Australia
General hand at a rural supplies store


Newbie, 21, from South East Queensland, Australia

LachMck was last seen:
Feb 7, 2014
    1. 15Sandej
      hey happy late birthday!! Sorry I didn't realize it till now!!
    2. 15Sandej
      lol well thank you :) That's understandable... I've been doing good... Just having a hard time with one of my ex boyfriends... I'm dating his best friend and he's being mean to me now... but other than that I'm doing pretty good...
    3. LachMck
      Happy birthday for nearly a month ago! Sorry, got caught up in work and uni a lot. Been an interesting time. How have you been?
    4. 15Sandej
      Don't worry about it.. I haven't been on for 7 days.. my bad.. anyways that sounds like a lot of work... I wouldn't be able to do what u r doing for a future job... I'm glad that you are doing good :) Today is my birthday!!
    5. LachMck
      Pretty good, sorry for the wait. Started my research project the other day, by starting training myself using some genetic analysis software.
    6. 15Sandej
      Pretty good. just a lot going on. Trying to tell myself that i'm better off without my ex boyfriend. How about you?
    7. LachMck
      Hey, how've you been lately?
    8. 15Sandej
      I guess it was Mark 4:35-41
    9. 15Sandej
      oh... I'm really sorry :( that is never fun. I think when we go through periods of life like that, That is when God is closest to us. when I was at church on sunday, my pastor's sermon was about peace and trials. his message was from Mark 4:29-41 I believe, and his message was on the story of Jesus and the men on the boat that were out in the sea. When the storm was raging, Jesus was asleep. The disciples woke him up and asked him if he does not care that they are perishing. And Jesus sat up and told the storm to be calm. Then Jesus looked at the disciples and said "Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no Faith?" There are so many times in our life that we think that God is asleep and he is not listening to us. but that is when he is the closest because he is waiting for us to just give up on trying to live on our own, and really turn to him. I think that might be what you are going through. And I may be wrong, but it sounds like you are going through the exact same thing I have been going through lately. My real mom abandoned me at my aunt's work when I was 7 years old, and I haven't seen her for 10 years. My real dad didn't want me either, and it has been very hard for me. My aunt and uncle took Guardian ship of me when I was 7 and I miss my mom so much. I have been turning away from God because he hasn't brought my mom back into my life and I really miss her. I know I should be turning to God but it is so hard. I know exactly how u feel. And it is so hard to turn to God. I'm sorry this reply is so long but I hope it helps in some ways. Merry Christmas!!
    10. LachMck
      it's been rather interesting for me lately. I went through a period where I was really doubting the existence of God. I've always tried to attack and find holes in my faith to try and strengthen it, especially as I'm training to be a scientist. However, lately, I've found it really easy to potentially discredit my faith, although lately it's been a little easier to have faith. But I'll still keep questioning it, as I know that to not question it will lead to a blind faith, which stops you from being able to accept anything else, and can lead to an aggressive blockade of any actual debate.
    11. 15Sandej
      Yeah definitely. we are slowly working it out. we have been having bumpy spots in the road but we're getting through it. And Thanks for everything. How have u been doing?
    12. LachMck
      Sorry for the wait, got a bit distracted with life. Hopefully you're situation's improved. From the sound of things, that good ex you were talking about sounds alright to me, but space is generally a good way to get through things.
    13. 15Sandej
      Thanks. that helped a lot. I've been doing better but it's still been kind of hard. I can slowly feel God at work in my life, but I have been losing all of my friends. With my ex, well I told him no. now one of my other ex's and I are having trouble figuring out what to do. he told me that whenever he sees me with someone else it kills him and it kills him to see me in general. his best friend showed me a txt that my ex sent him and it said that my ex can't get me out of his head. and this one treats me better than any of my other ex's. I don't know what to do about it and neither does he. right now we are giving each other some space while we clear our heads and figure out what to do. and sorry for such long message :/
    14. LachMck
      I think that God often feels distant when we are in trouble. When life gets hard, we tend to see only the stuff right in front of us, or that relates to us, which limits our perspective. God is often behind that perspective, behind the scenes. You may not see Him, but He is at work, and he will help.
      As for ex's (well, it's probably resolved or changed by now), but I would be careful. It may work, but if it's failed before, then there's always a good chance it may fail again.
    15. 15Sandej
      eh ok. wish It could be better. one of my other ex's wants to go out with me again and im trying to figure out if it is what I really want. life at home with my parents is starting to get rough again and I feel like God is like a million miles away. I keep praying but it's like everytime I ask for help I feel like he is getting more distant. so I don't know anymore.
    16. LachMck
      how've you been holding up lately?
    17. 15Sandej
      yeah definitely. and thanx.
    18. LachMck
      that's a really big one to get over, and I'm not gonna lie and say it's going to be easy. but I'm sure that are lots of people who can and want to help you with that. But once you get through this, it will make you a very strong person.
    19. 15Sandej
      terrible. I figured out that i'm the reason that our relationship keeps crumbling. we really want to be with each other, but when I was 7 I was taken into custody by my aunt and uncle. before that I lived with my real mom and I was sexually abused a lot and domestically abused. so it's really hard to trust a guy and let him love me. I feel like if I trust him and let him love me, that he's gonna hurt me like I was hurt when I was a child. so yeah it's been hard. I didn't realize that till this week.
    20. LachMck
      How did talking to him go?
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    Mar 3, 1994 (Age: 21)
    South East Queensland, Australia
    General hand at a rural supplies store
    Maleny Baptist Church
    Youth, christian science
    Fav. Books:
    Anything by Matthew Reilly, LOTR, The Shack, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
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    Genesis, Job, Revelation
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    Lion of Judah, Skillet's Believe, Hero, Awake and Alive and Collide
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    Old Earth Creation
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    Hi, I'm a young Australian raised in a christian home. I am very interested in science, particularly genetics, and I am currently studying for a degree in science. I am also quite interested in theology, although it is not my best field.

    Reading, hiking, mountain climbing, paintball skirmish, shooting


    'I reject your reality and substitute it with my own.' - Adam Savage

    What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything? 42