1. Saying Goodbye to a Great Staffer: Edial
    Please help me wish Edial a wonderful blessed journey as he steps down from CF staff.
    His footprint on our ministry will always remain but his presence will be greatly missed. I'm sure he will come around as a member to all his favorite forums but for now please join me at his profile page to wish him many thanks for the years of service he has brought to us all.
    All of us on CF staff will miss him dearly!!
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May 27, 2009
Jan 28, 2008
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Oct 17, 1957 (Age: 57)
executive assistant


Junior Member, 57, from Illinois

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May 27, 2009
    1. lovesdolphins
      I like what you have to say about infertility. I've heard a lot of bad comments about it; it's good to see someone else with the same views as me (coming from someone in the throws of infertility at the moment).
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    Oct 17, 1957 (Age: 57)
    executive assistant
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    King of Glory --Chris Tomlin
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    I would like to trust God to make a BIG change in my life!
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    God had planted numerous seeds along the way, but it all came together after I got married at 24, and tried to have a baby a year after that and nothing happened. Hello, Infertility. Months turned into years, and I wondered, "Why me, God?" And in the back of my mind, I heard, "Why not you?"

    My struggle with infertility caused me to seek God and ask some important questions. I got involved with a good, bible-teaching church. I did eventually have 2 babies, a girl and a boy, although it took nearly 8 years to do so. However, I don't believe God sits on high with a fertility wand and bestows babies on a few select people and withholds them from others; I believe infertility is a physical ill like any other, and a bi-product of living after the Fall. Children can be a blessing, but infertility is not a direct curse from God -- it is a medical problem.

    I am the grandmother of a beautiful two-year-old girl now!
    Growing up with a brother 5 years older than myself and all his friends around, I have a raucus, "masculine" sense of humor. My father had a "Mom & Pop" style pet shop, so I grew up around a lot of animals and was taught good care for them and responsibility early in life. (I was cheap labor!) I still love animals to this day, and have a lot of them. I think God must have had a lot of fun making all the different species, and my motto is "If it isn't soft, furry and cuddly, it's at least interesting and worthy of observation." As a result, I have a tarantula and a bearded dragon in addition to the usual dogs, cat, rabbit, rats and fish.

    Breeding/showing dogs, scrapbooking, gardening