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Aug 10, 2011
Jun 18, 2010
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I love my roses!, from Ohio Valley gal-- USA

1000_Roses was last seen:
Aug 10, 2011
    1. Susie~Q
    2. If Not For Grace
    3. Susie~Q
      PASS IT ON!!!! ♥
      Keep this rose going for all the 92 Children lives lost
      and the more than 100 wounded in the Norway Massacre ♥♥♥♥
      ¯`v´¯) Your families are in our thoughts
      `*.¸.*´ and prayers during this
      ¸.•´ ¸.•*¨)¸.•*¨) difficult time!!!
      (¸.•´(¸.• (¸.•´¸¸.•¨¯`•.¸¸.♥
    4. Susie~Q
      Hi there~
      Once you've been given this award, your mission
      is to paste this on the wall of 8 other wonderful [IMG] people.
      If you receive more than 3, you really are thought [IMG] highly of,
      because of kindness, loyalty & character you've shown.
      In recognition of your true [IMG] beauty inside & out...(♥)♥♥(♥)
    5. Susie~Q
      God's Hands
      Today is in God's hands and so are you.
      His hands are strong and will uphold you;
      His hands are great and will enfold you;
      His hands are gentle and will embrace you;
      His hands are protective and will cover you;
      His hands are reassuring and will quiet you;
      His hands are powerful and will defend you;
      His hands are parental and will train you;
      His hands are masterful and will conform you;
      His hands are compassionate and will care for you;
      His hands are healing and will renew you;
      His hands are calming and will comfort you;
      His hands are giving and will bless you.
      The hands that hold you will never let you down.
      -Roy Lessin, DaySpring co-founder and writer
    6. billypayton
      Pray request for Loretta, hello friends, with the help of aflower4God I
      am asking you to pray for my wife Loretta as she is in need of or Lord.
      The threads I have posted will explain all, and a update thread is also

      †God Bless,

      Heavenly Father,

      I feel the Darkness engulfing me. The burden is so
      heavy to bear, I thank you that you have promised
      to take this weight from me.I will surrender it to
      you, leaving in your loving hands.



      Life changing Events!
      Dragging up, aka When I Meet Loretta
      Turner Falls
    7. billypayton
      Hello †Friend Have a Blessed Day [IMG]
    8. tealover
      Have a wonderful and blessed weekend.
    9. Philothei
      Thanks for the reps!!! Love this game though ;)
    10. armyguy
      Thank you roses! :)
    11. Handmaid for Jesus
    12. Handmaid for Jesus
      Handmaid for Jesus
      I meant fine day.
    13. Handmaid for Jesus
      Handmaid for Jesus
      Thank you for more reps.:wave:. I hope you had a find day.:)
    14. Handmaid for Jesus
      Handmaid for Jesus
      thanks so much for the reps.
    15. Colleen1
      Thanks for your support.
    16. Susie~Q
      Have a wonderful and blessed Easter.
    17. Handmaid for Jesus
      Handmaid for Jesus
      Hi. Thank you for the reps
    18. MissJenn23
      Hiya thanks for the reps
    19. Colleen1
      :wave: Hi and thanks for your support and encouragement. Have a nice evening. :)
    20. SHINeePinee94
      Thanks for the reps!
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    Ohio Valley gal-- USA
    I moderate a Christian website. (not this one) This is where I can kick back and enjoy myself without the headache of responsibility.
    Fav. Books:
    It varies from day to day.
    Life View:
    Bible Version:
    None are perfect, many are good.
    End Times View:
    • Futurist
    Marital Status:
    Fav. Hymn/ Worship Song:
    How Great Thou Art
    Origin of the Life View:
    Theistic Evolution
    I have a passion for growing roses!

    So many. Making soap, cooking, and of course, growing roses.