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When Evil People Seem to Prosper...

Posted 29th November 2008 at 06:49 PM by Ariel
Updated 29th November 2008 at 06:54 PM by Ariel
It is discouraging when you see someone who is evil get away with it--and even seem to do well. But God sees all.

There are answers in Scripture which I think help tremendously. 2 Cor. 10:3-6 talks about taking every thought captive, then ends with a promise. It says that when our obedience is fulfilled, God will punish all disobedience--the disobedience of those who have come against us.

In other words, when someone hurts you, do everything you can to follow the Lord--forgive, let go, give it to God, Matt. 6:14-15; Col. 3:13; Psalm 55:22. Forgiveness in itself is powerful, because when we forgive someone who hurt us we are putting them in God's hands. Then when your obedience is fulfilled, God will act, He will deal with those who have come against you, 2 Cor. 10:6.

Meanwhile because we choose to be obedient and follow the Lord, not following our own fleshly desires, we are changed. Every time we suffer, there is opportunity for good. God will eventually deal with our enemies. He is also helping us and changing us. Hence as we follow Christ we come to look more like Christ.

"Don't waste your suffering," the saints of old told each other. Don't waste it, because every hardship we go through is an opportunity to come out looking more like Christ--acting more like Him, following Him, walking in wisdom and understanding, coming always closer to Him.

"Oh that I might know Him," Paul said, Phil. 3:10. Knowing Christ involves suffering, yet in that process our hearts are purified. Job said it so well, "But He knows the way I take. When He has tested me I shall come forth as gold," Job 23:10.


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How do you know if a person is evil? Do you have the ability to judge? If so...how am I doing? Just pm me the answer I was going to ask a traveling group of gypsies but I trust you more.
Posted 8th September 2010 at 11:04 PM by touchedbyhim touchedbyhim is offline
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