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Posted 20th April 2012 at 12:14 PM by dorothy222
the pain i go threw every day the pain of stress the pain of depression the pain of the people of job corps i finally found a way to get awya from the pain but i have to save up money to get it there from my job corps checks wich its not much . im going to teen challenge in the summer i hope they can help me get the pain from me and get my even more closer to god i think my family then let me back in there lifes even thought i been in pain from then and wensday night i felt alot of chains broken and yet not all but im much losser then i was my friends from job corps had siad i change from the person who was always agrrasive and loud and scared to the shy scared person i use to be now when have some santanist leavign job corps thats a good sigh for me but even though there leaving and my friends will still be here im still in pain and bad toughts of killign my self today i havent got any meds for my depresstion but the meds making it worst though so i hope im making the greatist step in my life and going to teen challenge this summer after job corps

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dorothy, everything will be alright, god will use you and place you in the right spot just liked he placed you here just pray everyday and read his word everyday god will be your protector.
Posted 20th April 2012 at 12:20 PM by christianleader2012 christianleader2012 is offline
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