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Hear My Prayer

Posted 12th April 2012 at 09:31 PM by winddancersong
Updated 13th April 2012 at 05:38 AM by winddancersong
I was waiting after tests to see if cancer had spread.I hadn't been able to sleep for several days and the night before been given a blessing promising me rest.Finally deep sleep came and I awoke next morning to the sound of what I can only define as angels singing all around me the most beautiful melondy. I jumped out of bed and I was able to record the music down onto paper even as it slowly faded.What was so remarkable,was I had brain damage from a car crash a month before, which made recalling anything nearly impossible longer then a few minutes. Yet it took sometime to use my hands together,see the keys on the keyboard and hold the pencil even. The resulting song and words followed within two days. It was performed at a special regional talent conference within weeks and made into a CD sent to New Zealand and Europe. It's performed on the piano, using a cello and flute accompanying, male tenor and female soprano.I have friends who have played this for disabled individuals and it has helped comfort people and allowed them to finally sleep, who haven't been able to for a long time.The melody calms them down and words describe how many have felt in life so often. Especially those with mental illnesses like depression and anxiety disorders. One friend played this for more than six months each day and said it was the only thing that allowed her to sleep for the first time in years. She wore out the Cd and needed another one sent.I believe God answers prayers most often through using His children on earth to help each other. Especially as we are striving to live worthy of the Holy Spirit at all times. We can become instruments for good in others lives doing the Lords work humbly even as He blesses us in answering our own prayers.
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Hear My Prayer

Hear my prayer beloved Father above
Oh look down from on high,
Grant me Thy Holy Spirit's light
Let it be my constant guide

Tis a harbor safe from the storms of life
A pure hope shining bright
The anchor of my soul through darkest night
Holy refudge Father to be found in Christ

There are many caught on the shouls of life
Who have lost their way home
Some drift along vainly searching out
One safe port of peace and calm

Tis a steady course in my Saviors care
To Thy port of Peace and Eternal Light
Father bless my spirit as I pray this day
In the name of Thy Son

Who gave His pure life to atone for sin
Jesus Christ, my Savior hope of all mankind
Hear this prayer oh Father
In my Saviors name perfect love divine

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