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Similarities= Evolution?

Posted 15th April 2012 at 07:51 PM by spartakis
Evolutionist try and prove evolution with similarities between animals. They will do this with fossils and living animals. Why does this not hold up? Well the first example should be the panda and the red panda. Evolutionist claimed these animals were related because of the similarities. They both have an extra thumb on their hands, both have similar v shaped jaws, similar teeth, and similar skulls. The evolutionist were proven wrong when scientist took DNA from both of them. They found out the red panda was in the raccoon family and the giant panda in the bear family. Similarites did not work out well, even though these are how they try and use the fossil record, and live animals to prove evolution.

They claim a lizard like retile is a common ancestor to a whale, dinosaur, bird, and chimpanzee. Why? Because they all have one bone in their upper arm, two bones in the forearm, and multiple bones in the wrist. They disagree with each other over similarities of the hyrax. Some evolutionist claim it is related to the elephant and sea cow because of it's teeth. Others claim it is related to the rhino and horse because of it's ears. The real proof is in DNA. It proves that there are multiple animals that are unrelated and have similarities. Nowhere is there any type of DNA evidence of evolution. Is there any evidence for evolution? I think not.

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