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Back to the evolutionist imagination. Its big.

Posted 24th March 2012 at 10:06 AM by spartakis
Did you know they teach the whale came from a 4 legged animal like a hyena?

They continue to change the animal, but they believe the whale came from a deer/hyena type creature that would jump in rivers to flee predators lol.

Lets take a look at what would have to happen comparing to a hyena.

Well the hyena would have to grow a dorsal fin, bony tail would have to evolve into a cartilaginous fluke, the teeth would have to change into a very big baleen filter, nostrils would have to move from the nose to the head disconnecting from the mouth passage to form a blow hole on top of the whales head, the front legs would have to change into fins, the body of the hyena would have to increase 2400x its size, its ears would have to disappear and learn to compensate for high pressure diving down to 1,640 ft deep, and the back legs would have to disappear. The odds of this happening are 1/364 with 1,625 zero's. This was calculated by DNA changing and etc... Look at the differences of these animals and tell me what you think.

I am not making this up, this is what they believe. This is what they are now teaching in public schools as facts. Why? because they want to come up with anything they can to say there is not a God that will judge them for their sins. Look it up. I believe they have recently changed the animal to a 4 legged deer like creature from India.

Knowledge is power, spread the truth.
How to Read The Bible

Reference. Evolution The Grand Experiment. And checked on online evolution resources who state this is what they believe.

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