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Music creation

Posted 15th May 2012 at 08:03 PM by omnicell
Many years ago when God brought music to me, I began to write songs. I finished my first song in 2 months. The goal was to write it, memorize it, perform it.

I have done half of this. I created songs, I have written lyrics. I have an understanding of how to write a song. I have a basic understanding of writing lyrics. The next step is to memorized and perform. Performing means, in a coffee shop or a party, or a park, or an assigned area of the city next to the bank. First I perform at church. This means memorizing a piece of music.

Gods intention; breath in , breath out. Meaning, go from head creation knowledge to the real world. The real world means performance of a finished piece. In order for this to happen, one must memorize. It is the memorization step that I will be looking into.
Each step is a big step.. Its not about the music or the art, its about stepping back into life. When I finish level one, Im ready for level 2. When I finish level 2 Im ready for level 3. As I finish each level; it brings me back to the outside world. Thus, I become what God intended in the first place.

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