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Posted 30th April 2012 at 06:45 AM by omnicell
When I write blogs on different sites, one difference between myself and others is always apparent. I always mention who the power, the facts, the truth of my life come from; comes from God. I feel a warmth when I look at my blogs and see 'God" written in big bold black and white lettering.

I aught to be grateful, I don't see the word God in anyone else's blogs, not unless they are at a Christian site. The point is, no one else can bring up God, they don't have the strength. They are lost.

I have been tortured, thrown away, and shunned because; word God. ITs the most sincere word every created. It is the word that children run to and hide in.

I have been misunderstood, hated, ridiculed, spit on, half destroyed because of the word God.

Iv'e never seen a word so hated, yet so revered. The word God.

I am lonely, I am lucky. When I see the warmth come from that word, I know I am alone in this world. A strange aloneness. A decent aloneness. I know something, and Im willing to go toward the light. Others know what I know and are not willing to go toward the light. They hate the light, and cower from the light.

I am put down because of my willingness to the light. OThers don't seem to have the courage for the light. They are in the wrong. They are taken over by wrongness and the darkness. Yet, they defend the darkness. Secretly they want the light, they seem not to understand, one has to give up the love and control of darkness to have the light. The light is free the darkness is not. The darkness appears to be easier then the light. It is not.

I defend myself all day long because of the light. I have few friends because I will not bend or bow down because I believe and go to the light.

In the end I win. I get stronger and became a whole person again, because of the light; the light of God.

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