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my depressive thoughts

Posted 26th February 2012 at 11:36 AM by knw1991
i will never be free
i will fail my tests and end up with low grades in my science classes and i wont be accepted into medical school.
i will never find true love and a husband.
im plain and ugly
i will never lose weight
i am a mistake
there is no purpose for my life
i will continue to be depressed and will eventually die and end up in hell
God ignores my prayers
God is tired of me
God doesnt care about me
i am an outsider
you will forever be in this pit, you cant climb out
you are boring, no one cares about you
the only one that really loves you is your mom
you are weird and have nothing interesting about you
you have no gifts and talents
all you are good for is studying, and even with that you dont live up to your standards
you were not meant to have a father
you are abnormal thats why you dont have a father
in the rare chance that you do go to medical school you will probably flunk out or go insane
the only way to get free from this is suicide, but thats your ticket to hell.

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