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negative effects of watching porn..

Posted 17th August 2010 at 03:03 AM by Jerome Manliclic
The harmful effects of watching pornography.

June 6, 2008

Watching pornography can lead to serious addiction. It will start out as curiosity and ended up addicted to it. Letís talk about the effects of it. The harmful effects/stages of watching pornography are:
1. Addicted to pornography
When addicted to pornography, the person will find every possible way to look at it again. Example, the person might watch pornography, when he/she has a chance, like when no one is at home, or the person is in a room alone. Even though some might deny that watching porn is just a one time thing and they might not look at it again, but it usually end up mostly those who watch porn for the first time, they will look at it again due to curiosity or boredom.
2. Tiredness
Yes, tiredness because most people who watch porn will tend to masturbate to the porn video as they canít help it, this is due to lack of self-control of oneself. This is because they would like to know how it feels being like the one in the pornography act. After masturbating, the person will feel fatigue or just tired. This point will lead to stress and bad moods, below, the third point.
3. Stress and Bad Moods
When they are tired they will become moody and some might just regret for watching it but some just donít understand why they keep turning to watching pornography when they have nothing to do. This will lead to stress on oneself as they just donít understand themselves.
Sometimes slight temper tantrums can be seen from the person as they might not be able to access to pornography, tired after masturbation or they regret for watching it as said above. Human beings are human beings, baby cry when they are tired, and adults show tantrums when things donít go their way. Thatís human nature.
4. Bad relationship with close ones
Somehow, this point, is related to the third one because, when tantrums and bad moods are shown by the person who watches pornography, people who are close to this person, such as family and friends, will notice some change in behavior and the way the person speaks.
For instance, what if a family member or a friend finds out that you are watching pornography? They will definitely feel different about you and thinks that you are a pervert and dirty minded. Watching pornography also can break family apart. The wife will think badly of her husband if her husband watches pornography and thinks that she does not do enough to satisfy her husband needs.
The people who are addicted to pornography also tend to talk about pornography related topics and sharing new sources from time to time as they could not help it. Some people who are listening to this porn-related topic might not like it and might just avoid the person who talks about this pornography topic. The person might be good in studies or employee of the month but once others gets to know that this person has a dirty mind; it will bring this person status down and might be avoided by others.
5. Perverted minds
Those who watch porn will think different of the opposite sex which is not how life is suppose to be. As life is suppose to be about respecting the other sex and not see them in a different way or like a toy to play with. When one find the other sex attractive, they will look or even stare at them to satisfy their feelings. And if staring is not enough, they will think of how will this attractive person be in a pornography act that they have seen before.
6. Involving in sex
This I feel is the extreme stage because this is where the person does not have self-control of himself/herself and decided to have a go on sex. The age for having first time sex is around 14-16 and that is pretty low. This I can conclude due to the exposure of pornography and attempting it at a young age where most of them regret after that.
All these harmful effects above may not happen to all those who watch pornography as it depends on one self-control and thinking about pornography. If one thinks that pornography is dirty but is addicted to it, the person will likely be able to control himself/herself for doing the extreme of having sex for satisfaction.

In my opinion, those who turn to porn for the first time will eventually turn to it again. This is a fact because almost 90 percent of the friends I know watch porn. Some admit being addicted to it while some donít. Some think it is normal because they thought it is part of growing. What about their future? Will their adulthood still be part of growing? What will others think of them? What will their children think of them? To me, a strong person is a person who has control of himself/herself.
I have written about this because I have experienced some of these effects and know those who have gone to the extreme. Sorry if I have written anything wrong or offensive and correct me if I am wrong. If you would like to add any points to the harmful effects of watching pornography or would like to share your experience or writings about what pornography have done to you, please e-mail me at [email protected]. Thanks for reading and stay positive.

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