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Nankin Bantams and Rhinelander Chicken

Posted 13th February 2010 at 04:53 PM by roostershamblin
These are two breeds that I have just recently acquired so it will take me two or three years to establish my flocks and have hatching eggs to sell. I have been busy this week welding more portable chicken pens. My friends call them chicken tractors. I like to build them from aluminum because it doesnt rust out the way steel does. I use pretty heavy steel on the axles to keep them from blowing over in the wind. I currently have only ten nankin bantams, eight pullets and two cockerels. Nankins are a true bantam with no standard counterpart. My cockerels weigh 23 and 24 ounces. The pullets weigh 20-22 ounces. They come in both single comb and rose comb varieties. Nankins are orange and buff with black tails. This breed was used to develop the sebright bantams. Mine are single comb with slate legs except for one pullet that is rosecomb with green legs. They are an ancient asian breed and maybe the first bantam breed. Mine are wild and fly to the rafters when I enter the tool shed. However today I made them a pen and they are enjoying it immensely. Rhinelander chickens are fantastic layers. Had eggs in their cages on the trip back home the day I purchased them. The laying will probably begin dropping off since I dont have lights on them in the chicken tractors. My hens weigh around five pounds and the roosters near seven. I have mostly the white variety with a few blacks. I am getting large size eggs and the hens are approximately two years old. The breeder would not sell me young pullets or hatching eggs. My four rhinelander roosters are old with very long spurs. I will probably replace the roosters next year with young cockerels. So far they are calm and out laying my rhode island reds. Some peoples nankins I have been told are quite calm and friendly. Guess I need to purchase a couple brood cocks from them.

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