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God turned into good, what was meant for evil. <><

Posted 21st May 2008 at 12:11 AM by Angeldove97
I'm continuing on in my journey of learning how to have a little more hope in my life and turn that hope into strength. I don't want to always have to rely on Sean to take care of me when I can barely get out of bed--- and that will definitely NOT be acceptable when I'm teaching.

This week we're asking the very terrifying question of "Why?"--- why do we suffer in life?, why does God let us suffer?, does this mean He doesn't love us?, have I done something wrong to deserve this suffering?, and WHEN WILL IT STOP!?!

This is the passage the week is based on...

"As far as I am concerned, God turned into good what you meant for evil." ~Genesis 50:20

I find peace in knowing that from the VERY BEGINNING God was willing to take what was evil and turn it back into good... not just because He felt like it, but because He loved us so much.

Even though I am suffering right now--- I am going through an evil time--- I know one day the light will be shining and good will come from it.

God and I have been scheming together--- not to upset anybody, but in the name of hope and love [it's always good to set your goal for something--- this particular mission my goal is to find hope and to secure love in my life]:

Right now its a period of where I'm finding alot of hardships in a certain area of my life. I know the conflict inside and out--- I've prayed for it over months (not just days), I've had others pray for me and offer advice, I've searching Scripture and what God is telling me through prayer and every day life.

But I can see where God will take this evil and turn it into something so amazing, I'll be praising Him for the rest of my life.

I believe right now He's setting down the path so that this evil will turn into good--- and that good will last a long long time in my life.

Perhaps this insight comes to me because I've done this sort of thing before--- I've been through evil and then months down the road, I looked back and said "oooh THAT'S what you were planning with all of this!?!" All the pain--- the evil---I've been through has opened up so many ministry opportunities online for me that I'm THANKFUL often for the pain. And since I keep myself so very busy doing His work, who has time to dwell on the evil past moments? Certainly NOT me.

I hope we can each take this passage and know that many others have had similar experiences: letting God take this evil-- or sin in our lives that we can't change just by ourselves--- and turn it into a beautiful situation that leaves us praising Him with our whole heart.

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