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A short blog of my experiences at CF
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Posted 20th July 2008 at 09:55 PM by awitch

I'm a 31 year old male neoPagan. You may ask what I'm doing with a profile on a Christian discussion board. I'm here to learn and have dialog with people of the Christian faith. I have so many questions and there is so much to learn.

I am NOT here to proselytize my neoPagan faith. NeoPagans generally do not approve of proselytizing our faith - especially to children, even if both parents provide written permission.

I am NOT here to harass Christians or mock their faith. I admit there is much I disagree with, and I am up for debating those who choose to engage, but I respect the rules of the forums, and do not wish to troll. (I used to be the moderator of a few forums until it became too time consuming).

So, I live in northern New Jersey in the grand ol' USA. I work in information technology for a private corporation. I consider myself liberal, but don't worry, I'm not the "over the top" liberal. I can joke about liberal ideas with the best of the conservatives .

We often hear about the culture war in the US, and the way it has polarized the people makes me uncomfortable.

I mention being "neoPagan" to differentiate between the Pagans of old. Today's Pagans are very different from the prehistoric ones. I hope that we are not feared, or considered a threat. I also hope people understand that we are not at all like the way we are portrayed in the media today as murderers, or monsters, with the ability to fly and shoot lightning and all that other Harry Potter fantasy.

If you are reading this, and would like to discuss religion respectfully in private, please just drop me a message.

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Minty's Avatar
Welcome to CF

Nice first blog entry and I heartily agree

Minty. xx
Posted 19th September 2008 at 02:49 PM by Minty Minty is offline
tucker58's Avatar
hey fellow, I am just a newbe learning the ropes.

just love,

Posted 30th July 2010 at 07:14 PM by tucker58 tucker58 is offline
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