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The Spirit of Herod

Posted 30th December 2008 at 09:00 PM by jazzypooh
Updated 30th December 2008 at 09:56 PM by jazzypooh
The Spirit of Herod (Matthew ch. 2)

Matt. 2:7-8 - A spirit of Herod to deceive the people of God in order to gain information for the purpose of developing satanic strategics to stop the will of God. This spirit has its roots in deception – pretending to be something it is not. It deceives the people into believing it has come to worship the true and living God, but its objective is to kill the purposes of God before they are allowed to mature and bring forth destiny.

Picture the ministry as a young child (just like Jesus was at this time) getting ready to grow and bring forth God's will in the earth. There is a spirit assigned to this ministry (and babes in Christ) to stop its growth and kill it while it is yet young, because if it continues to grow then God's purposes will be realized and come into fruition.

Herod called for these wise men privately. That means this spirit operates SECRETLY behind closed doors and out of view of the public eye.

Herod “inquired of them diligently.” That means he was persistent and wanted to know PRECISE details. There was certain information that he was looking for. He asked them what time did the star appear. He didn't ask where did the star appear. He wanted to know the time it had appeared so that he could accurately pinpoint how much time he had to work out his plan. This spirit plots against the destiny of the people of God and uses people within the Church. It's a snake spirit.

In verse 8, Herod tells them after they've found the young child to bring him word again. This spirit uses the people of God to acquire information and wants them to report back to it. Be careful who you report to. It develops a spirit of satanic surveillance in the people it uses. It turns them into demonic watchmen so that instead of looking out for the enemy's infiltration, they have teamed up with the enemy, helped him infiltrate, and have begun to spy out in God's camp.

It has its roots in deception, and it operates secretly through manipulation(a form of witchcraft). The deception (lies) is meant to manipulate you. It will always lie about its purposes and intents, but the true intent is always destruction of God's will and purposes. It seeks to destroy what God is doing before it even comes to fruition.

This spirit likes to be in positions of authority and will fight to maintain that authority no matter whose lives suffer as a result (v. 3,16-18).

It was the unveiling of PROPHECY that unleashed this spirit. This spirit attacks right before the fulfillment of prophecy (v. 4-6).

This spirit tries to interfere with true worship. The wise men were on their way to worship God when Herod sought them for information (v. 2).

The enemy set up his castle in the same place where Jesus would be born (v.1). The enemy will encamp in a birthing place – in a place where God desires to birth out His will.

This spirit reproduces after itself (v. 22). It lays eggs that'll eventually hatch and plants seeds that will grow.

Verse 16 reveals why Herod wanted to know the time. It was so that he could conceive a concise plan to destroy the work of the Lord. In the end, his plan was unsuccessful.

God will give you specific instructions on how to deal with this spirit (v. 13).

God will actually use this spirit to fulfill His Word and to fulfill prophecy (v. 15).

In Love,

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Yasha's Avatar
Cool ! You fixed it... thanks.

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed all those examples in that study. A few, I haven't seen pointed out before. I have faced lots of opposition, as has anyone whose walked for awhile. I can't say I've heard the Herod Spirit described before... I can remember examples of it from past experience, though, that match your examples and explanation.

Thanks for taking the time to write that all up. Did YOU write that study, or is it from a studyguide? It's a good compilation.

love in the Lord, Sha
Posted 30th December 2008 at 11:25 PM by Yasha Yasha is offline
jazzypooh's Avatar
Yes, the Holy Spirit gave me this message concerning our ministry. I'm still in prayer about it. I had never heard of the spirit of Herod either until a couple of weeks ago when God first began to speak this to me. I've read that chapter in Matthew many times, but the Lord never showed me anything like this before.

I'm glad u were blessed by it. I didn't really think anyone would be interested in it. I pray it increases your discernment.

God bless,
Posted 31st December 2008 at 01:44 AM by jazzypooh jazzypooh is offline
Yasha's Avatar
oh, contrare, my dear. I really enjoyed it. The revelations I got from it were very personal. Especially the manipulative, whispering, 'seed-bearing coniver' whose goal seems to be 'at-the-wire' of a birthing.

We all, male and female, experience the birthing of the Spirit's work in our lives. ALWAYS, just as I approach the fruition of the Lord's will in a difficult period and am just about to be delivered, there is a HUGE AND OBVIOUS upsurge in opposition. I have LONG EXPERIENCED such a thing. I knew it was the enemy, yet I never 'saw' that 'Herod spirit' character of the enemy so embodied in scripture, before. It's a very fitting example for that 'at-the-wire' type of opposition.

This JUST happened to me over the few days surrounding Christmas. A LONG AWAITED fruition was coming to bear, and the enemy was whispering to me, tirelessly for several days to derail the necessary events to set up the outcome the Lord wanted to usher in.

It is often a corporately experienced battle. My husband, also falls prey to it. In that, I suddenly KNOW what I am dealing with, better than when it is just me. Though it is usually my resultant upset over the attack I am under that sets him off, he escalates my instability. It can be a mess.

I speak scripture aloud and pray aloud and play my favorite Christian Rock, "Flock Rock" I call it... I've never heard anyone else call it that, but I know it would catch on...it's a great name, don't you think? When I do that, all that out loud resistance DOES send the enemy fleeing. He DO NOT want to hang around to listen to NO sermon, child !

See my Blog entry from December 23rd, that's the day after I broke in it all. The Herod Spirit is such a great name for that at-the-wire JERK that bugs me so often. ...he be damned, in Jesus' name !
Posted 31st December 2008 at 08:01 AM by Yasha Yasha is offline
Updated 6th January 2009 at 03:17 PM by Yasha
jazzypooh's Avatar
don't focus in so much on what the devil is doing or trying to do in your life. focus moreso on the Word of God and what God has to say about your situation. the devil will distract you like that and drain you in your spirit. and play some worship music so you can get in the presence of God. the presence of God is what makes the enemy flee

Posted 6th January 2009 at 12:55 AM by jazzypooh jazzypooh is offline
Yasha's Avatar
Did you read this part of my post ? Your post sounds exactly like this paragraph.
I speak scripture aloud and pray aloud and play my favorite Christian Rock, "Flock Rock" I call it... I've never heard anyone else call it that, but I know it would catch on...it's a great name, don't you think? When I do that, all that out loud resistance DOES send the enemy fleeing. He DO NOT want to hang around to listen to NO sermon, child !
I know you mean well, but it sounds like you repeated me. So, I'll take it as a confirmation.

The Lord does not move in the life of anyone who focuses on the enemy. And, the enemy has better things to do than spend his NOT omnipresent time on people who are already focusing on him. The enemy only shows up to play with those who are a threat to his agenda. Anyone who spends any time in the Glory of God and lives to remember that Glory, learns to focus on the Lord more and more without being told. These are exactly the people the enemy confronts....especially at the fruition of the Lord's plans through them.

Walking with the Lord and fearing to acknowlege the presence of the opposition is like trying to go into battle with a pillow, in my opinion. The glory is NOT being given to the enemy by ME ! Neither is blind submission. Sometimes I think people who say 'fall back on the Lord,' say it like someone who fears battle and have rarely seen any. (not saying you are one of those) The reason I think that is, after 40+ years as a spirit-lead Christian, I have learned that the more the Lord uses ME, the more I run into that scoundrel in my path. He HATES me !!! Because, He in me, overcomes him. My heart grows less and less faint and more battle -ready with each deliverance, like David after the bear and the lion upon meeting Goliath.

I've been growing more and more aware of my need to weaponize in the Word. And, more and more aware of my dependency on Jesus over the years, as well. Overconfidence in the Lord can be as dangerous as throwing hollow platitudes at veiled fear of the enemy. I don't think myself any match for the enemy, unescorted. Only IN THE COMPANY of the Lord of the Angel Armies. I CLING to Jesus, breath by breath, trust me on this. Never the less, thanks for your reminders.
Posted 6th January 2009 at 06:32 AM by Yasha Yasha is offline
Updated 6th January 2009 at 03:42 PM by Yasha
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