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Satanic Attack

Posted 9th December 2008 at 11:14 PM by jazzypooh
Satanic Attack

> The people of God are going through satanic attack all over the place

> Proverbs 2:11 - Discretion shall preserve you, but understanding shall keep you
  • It says understanding shall keep you. Notice it does not say "spiritual explanation," because there are some things that you can understand but you cannot explain. Some things just can't be explained, but you can understand them. God gives you spiritual understanding. It's actually a gift that God gives you by the Holy Spirit that you can grasp and understand things.
> Spiritual attack is one of those things that you really cannot explain. You can't adequately tell somebody what you're going through. You can't adequately tell them what you are feeling.

> The devil has motives in attacking you. He has a strategy in attacking you. These are some of his purposes of satanic attack:
  1. He wants to get you offended with God = when the devil attacks you, you're in such shock if he attacks you, that a lot of times you can't believe that God let you be attacked. When you come under satanic attack it's a shock to your system.
    • People don't necessarilly get angry with God, but they get hurt with God when this happens. When you get hurt with God, it's just as bad as getting angry with God, because you behave almost the same without the outward manifestations.
    • You stop praying. You stop reading your Bible, etc. because you're hurt with God.
  2. Satan wants to spoil your blessing, because he knows he cannot stop your blessing. When he attacks you, it distracts you. And because you're distracted, you can't really enjoy that blessing. You're so taken up in the thing, that the blessing comes just like God said, but now you can't even enjoy it. You're offended, you're distracted, you're upset, but God let your blessing come anyway just like He promised. But Satan has distracted you so bad, that when you're blessing comes you're not even excited about it.
> Everything is proportionate:
  1. no attack = no blessing
  2. small attack = small blessing
  3. mediocre attack = mediocre blessing
  4. major attack = major blessing
    • rejoice if you're going through a major attack, because you've got a major blessing on the way
> The devil will always attack you right before the blessing comes. It is a dead giveaway that God is about to bless your socks off.
  • The devil is trying to get you offended with God, hurt with God, all messed up, and all distracted so when you're blessing comes, you can't enjoy it. (This is how he steals your joy.)
  • You need to be impervious as much as you can to the attack of the devil, because you know God is gonna send it anyway, and by the time it comes just be ready to enjoy it in spite of what the devil tried to do.
> Hell especially knows the one that the hand of God is resting on in a powerful way.

> Your best days are ahead of you.

>When Jesus was born, the devil knew when He was born and he sent Herod on a killing spree to kill up all the boy children in an attempt to get rid of Jesus, because Jesus' name means Emmanuel (God with us) so the devil tried to kill Him. But God had His hand on Jesus, and God has His hand on your child and He has His hand on your life and He will not allow the devil to destroy you or your child.

> A lot of times what you name your child is often how the devil will attack your child. Names have meaning and many Christians name their children Bible names. Whatever name you put on a child will a lot of times determine how Satan is going to come against them, not in every case but in most cases.
  • The devil will attack according to your call (assignment, destiny). You are called by your name. That name puts an identity on you. That identity is often connected to your destiny.
> Your children are under the blood of Christ, so no matter how the devil rages, God's will is going to be accomplished anyway.

> The devil usually only stirs against you when he sees something is imminent in your life. He usually only comes against you when he sees something significant is about to take place in your church, marriage, home, family, ministry or your calling that God has placed on your life.

> God is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent:
  • omnipotent = He can do anything (all powerful)
  • omniscient = He knows everything (all knowing)
  • omnipresent = He's everywhere at 1 time
  • Satan is NOT omnipotent, omniscient or omnipresent, but he IS supernatural. And Satan being supernatural can look into the supernatural and he can see when angels gather around you and when the Holy Spirit starts hovering over you. So he attacks. But when the attack of the devil comes, it is not time to split apart and run away. It's time to stand your ground, and see the Word of God come to pass.
> First the attack and then the blessing.

> There is something very powerful in Scripture in connection with land:
  • When you purchase property, you take land from the enemy.
  • The Bible says if we repent of our sins, God will heal our land.
  • The Bible also talks about ground like holy ground, the Holy Land, etc.
  • Satan treats it as a loss to his kingdom when you buy property that you once didn't have.
  • The attack of the devil will come when you buy land and Satan sees it as a threat to his kingdom.
  • So when you are about to purchase a church and expand your stakes and ministry, don't think it strange when the devil comes against you to attack you.
> Satan's attack against you will always be concerning your future and never your past. Your past is your past. It's been lived. He can remind you of your past, but he will attack you concerning your future.
  • If he does attack you concerning your future, it's a dead giveaway that he knows you're capable of fulfilling what God has called you to do.
> Every attack of the devil has a shelf life or an expiration date. After so long it starts losing potency (power), because God only lets it go up to a certain point. God is a great God, and He will bring the assignment of the enemy to a close!

> God is bringing some things to a close RIGHT NOW!!!

> Don't ever forget this: After you go through a tough time of satanic attack and prolonged persecution, get somewhere and be still (quiet) and get away from folks for awhile, and let the angels come and touch you.
  • When Jesus got through with His temptation in the wilderness, the Bible says that the angels came and ministered to Him. The same thing happened with Him in the Garden of Gethsemane.
> When you go through satanic attack just get somewhere alone. The Holy Spirit is already in you to be your Comforter, and don't rule out the ministry of angels:
  • Hebrews 1:14 - Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to do service for the sake of them that shall inherit salvation?
  • When the thing has ended or is ending, ask the Holy Spirit to let the angels come and touch you, and they'll touch you in such a way that it'll be as though nothing has ever happened.
God bless you!

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thank you.
Posted 21st July 2009 at 04:50 PM by Trust in Him Trust in Him is offline
Amazing blog and insight. Thankyou so so much.... this has really made my day
Posted 20th September 2009 at 10:26 PM by sunshyne1982 sunshyne1982 is offline
Thank you and God bless you
Posted 27th September 2009 at 11:04 AM by purplesheep purplesheep is offline
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